6 Ethnic Enclaves of Seoul

Not all of Korea feels Korean.

Korea is approximately 96% ethnically homogeneous, but also serves as one of several central business and international relation hubs for all of Asia. Similar to large cities in the USA, Seoul also has different ethnic enclaves with authentic foods, residential housing and services dedicated to their respective nationalities.

Here’s a short description of where to find these ethnic enclaves and some things you can find there:

Defending the Lady’s Honor

by Mr. Motgol

Ha-bin was always a messy drunk. Every time she went out she got catastrophically hammered. British chick wasted. A weaving, incoherent puddle of babble and drool. But unlike a British chick, Ha-bin wasn’t tall and brawny, with ancient, boozy Viking blood pumping through her veins. Instead, she was a small Korean woman with zero natural tolerance for alcohol. As a result, every time she touched the stuff she turned into a chaotic wreck. You could set your watch to it.

Seorae Village – Little France in Seoul, South Korea

For our 1 year wedding anniversary, we went up to Seoul for a nice, relaxing weekend together. We decided to go to Seorae village in the Banpo neighborhood of Seoul. About 600 French expats live in this corner of the city, that is nicknamed Montmarte for its location on top of a hill. It includes a French school, some french brand name stores like L’Occitane, real bakeries, with REAL bread and REAL cheese!! By “real” I mean not Korean. There are lot of things that Korea gets right, but bread and cheese is NOT one of them!

Korean Instant Coffee Taste Challenge!

Amateur Language Study Adventures

Yesterday I came down with what was probably Swine Flu and shortly began thinking and speaking almost entirely in Korean, which did not help me a great deal when I happened to find myself listening to the pronouncements of a Korean doctor late that afternoon, hiding my gaping mouth (through which I was gasping, slack-jawed, like an inbred country boy) behind a hospital-provided medical mask; lucky for me this doctor spoke flawless English, which she revealed by translating my high temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit without being asked. I was running a fever of about a hundred and one.

A French Traveler's Account of Joseon Korea: Charles Varat's "Tour du Monde"

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Destination: Paris Park / Omok Park

Parc de Paris in French, Pah-ree gong-won in Korean, or Paris Park - anyway you say it, it's still a beautiful park. Originally built in 1987 inside an area with many apartment buildings, it serves as a symbol of friendship between France and Korea. Leave it to Korea for getting the gesture right - it was built only a couple years after Seorae Village got its start (Frenchtown, if you will) - albeit on the other side of Seoul. In any case, the sentiment seems to have been appreciated.

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