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Vendors of Jangsangpo

An elderly lady selling fish in Jagalchi Busan elderly lady hanging fish Long days in the cold weather does not seem to bother this lady. fresh hot eel heads for sale taking a break A man sharpens knives in Jagalchi Market in Busan, South Korea looks delicious

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Insider’s Guide to Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul

Noryangjin fish market is the most popular fish market in Seoul. It is located in Noryangjin, subway line 1 & 6, near Yeouido. Because of the convenient location and the huge size of the market, many people visit this market to buy fish. Also comparing to other markets, you can definitely get fresh and cheap sea food here. You can just look around the market to watch many kinds of fresh sea food. Let’s go inside the market together.

One More Weekend Comes to a Close

Time moves so quickly here! I’ve already got my third week under my belt. fourth, if you count training in Seoul. This weekend I went to the beach, contributed to a pot luck yacht party, ate some super fresh fish at Jigalchi fish market, and went to the beach again, to see some stormy weather. Time for pictures!

Beaching it!

Beaching it!

Jagalchi Fish Market

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The largest fish market in South Korea is found in downtown Busan, next to the busy shopping area of Nampo-dong and adjacent to the Lotte Aqua Mall. That it occupies such a valuable, central location speaks to how important the fish trade has always been to the city.

In the Market for a Cultural Hub? – Gupo Market, Deokcheon

Gupo Market, Deokcheon, Busan, South Korea


If Deokcheon is growing in reputation as the epicentre for vibrancy in Busans’ North West then Gupo Market is the jewel in its crown. Whether you’re looking to do your weekly shopping, indulge in some authentic Korean cuisine or just take a gentle stroll through a cultural hub then Gupo Market can satisfy.

nampo-dong dried fish market

just down the street from the fresh fish market, you can get your fill of dried and brined seafood.

jagalchi fish market

when it comes to being the subjects of photojournalism, there are a few kinds of koreans.

the kind who wave frantically in protest if a camera is even pointed in their general direction (numerous),

…”And it’s good for health.”

Korean girl: “Do you like to eat raw fish?”

Me: “Sure, I eat sushi all the time.”

I was mistaken…

Fish market time!  Select the most delicious looking fish swimming in the knee-high tank and appreciate your day job as the ajumma yanks it out of the water and chops its head clean off in one swift motion.  Next, she’s over to the cutting board to slice it in down the middle as we cringe at the two headless sides wiggling around on the table.

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