We are taking care of mens' fashion, offline shops at 8 branches of A-Land in Seoul,

we take your whole style from toe to top, there are some items for women, too.

the new arrival is color sunglasses, everyone can wear them,

it costs only 50,000 KRW.

we have also bags, shorts, everything what you need,

plz visit the page and ask anything what you want.

We are located in busan, near Seomyoen,

so if anyone want to buy things, we are willing to meet and you can see what you order in person!

this is our page on Facebook :


Dazzling Darling ♥ Vogue Girl Korea – Feb 2012

I have this issue of Korean Vogue Girl and completely missed this amazing and colorful photoshoot from Feb! Gorgeous~ gorgeous~ gorgeous! Bright colors with miss-matched ornate details, patterns, and textures! I also snuck in an extra image from a color hair feature because its a single and fits this set ok Enjoy!!


nnonn Magazine- Love Me Sweet

I loves me some nnonn! Since many shops contribute to each issue you have lots of interesting combinations and style VS the normal large fashion magazines.  Here are some adorable photos (edited for maximum cuteness + color by mwah!) from an issue in 2011, but its still totally worth seeing.  Amazing styling in the candy ones by bongjashop and the “blooming garden” shoot styling is by Luxury Girl Shop 2

Imperfectly Pretty ♥ Vogue Girl Korea- March 2012

 March’s Vogue Girl Korea had a very lovely and inspirational shoot titled “Imperfectly Pretty” which showed some very nice ideas for how to dress this summer.  Delicate and mismatched pattern and texture with a feminine style that is both relaxed and elegant.  Old-fashioned straw hats also make an appearance in this shoot once again, something that has been a trend in Korea and Japan for the last summer or two with girls looking for a pretty country cottage style

♥ ♥ ♥

Cute Punk Skull Fashion in Korea

Even though the style overall in Seoul is a very safe feminine look, Korea has lots of really nice pieces for sale with spikes, studs, and skulls!  Maybe I just hang out in the wrong areas and the edgy people are all in one area on the weekend, because these things are in every store + high end ones so people are obviously buying!  The look is similar to the Japanese style, but a *little* simpler.. still lots of tight leggings and big shirts with thoughtful details overall though.  Here is some shopping eye candy of what we can call a “girly punk” style here~

SOME YOU CAN BUY ONLINE THROUGH MY SIDEBAR SHOPS!! I’ll link ones I found stuff for!

♥ ♥ ♥

Shoe Spotting in Edae~ May

One thing I love about Edae is the amount of shoes they have!  Since it is a Uni area and students shop here you can often find things a bit more fun and colorful~ YES PLEASE! Here are some amazing finds I spotted this week!

♥ Lets look at some super cute shoes from Korea! ♥

Outfit Post~ Kira Kitty

♥ ♥  ♥ ♥

Summer is here, so time to bust out the short-shorts and oversize giant t-shirts so big that you swim in them~ this is a popular look here in Seoul.  Around Edae today they had these adorable shirts out on the racks, I love kitties so I could not resist.  The shirt is by a brand here called “Kira” who is a cheap impulse purchase rack brand pretty much, every so often I run into shirts with artwork by this artist~ always really adorable.

Dear Korea #066 - Unintentionally Funny

Dear Korea #066

Okay readers, let me start off by saying I AM VERY SORRY FOR MY ABSENCE. If you would like to continue reading to find out why, feel free. If not, please enjoy the comic, and I apologize once again for the lack of comics over the past month or so. I hope this one is funny enough to make up for it.

Afternoon tea with the queen – Vogue Girl

Small photo shoot from last April’s Vogue Girl Korea~ Tea with the queen!

I never really see Korean punks, so this is super fun even if it is only pretend + pastel purple wigs!

I’m so in love with that first image, its like something out of a comic book hehe.♥ ♥

D-Cube City Spring Display

To celebrate spring this year the modern and hip D-Cube City ( located in Sindorim) put up an amazing display in the center area of the shopping mall.

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