KAs@Work: Bonnie Kim of Freedom and Fashion

KAs@Work is a new series that profiles Korean Americans and their jobs. Want to share what you do, or know of people with interesting jobs? Get in touch.

Nylon Magazine Korea – M.Butterfly

K-Fashion Inspiration ♥ Black Stripes for Summer

Recently Elle Korea did a very cute style spotlight featuring some comfy, yet sexy outfits!  These feel super Korean (style-wise) so if you need some inspiration~ here you go! ♥ According to the magazines here stripes are the “fashion hit” atm~ seems to be subtle in these outfits, but I see them! :D



Korean Brand Spotlight- bpb Accessories

The other day while shopping around in the trendy 가로수 길 Garosugil area, I found an amazing Korean brand being sold in one of the boutiques that I just had to share~ it fits right in with the eyeball and bone + Punky Pop trend atm.

Let me introduce you to bpb 비피비 Accessories!

Birthday Girls ♥ “W” Korea- March 2012

This issue of “W” magazine Korea caught my eye all month because the cover was an image from the following shoot~  so beautiful and colorful!!!  I did not think to post it at first because I assumed it was from the “W” magazine back home due to all the foreign models.. but it seems that the photography was handled by a Korean when I went to check the credits~ so here you go!  It is too pretty to not post anyway ^^

Bohemian Girls ♥ Vogue Korea- May 2012

I was going to write a ‘Top 10 List’ & then this happened.

I found myself wallowing in a bout of homesickness last week. Rather than sulk in my apartment and dream of lounging dock-side on Martha’s Vineyard sipping a Blue Moon and hogging the guacamole bowl, I sat down and scribbled all the things I am loving at the moment about my present situation. If you’re interested, here it is, feel free to add to my list. Cheers! *shot of soju in hand*

I love…

1) soju.

Les Filled Aux Camellias♥ Vogue Korea- April 2012

Beautiful patterns among the camellias in the photo shoot “Les Filled Aux Camellias” for Vogue Korea- April 2012

Trends of Korea: Bunny Bows ♥ 토끼머리띠

Want to know about some Korean Fashion Trends???  Today’s is a popular one that started around 2010~ “Bunny Bows“!


Bunny bow /  토끼머리띠 is a common name for the style of skinny long twist bow with wire sewn in, it can be shaped any way you please~ but the idea is to have it sticking out almost like…. yes, Bunny Ears!


Country Song♥ Vogue Korea- May 2012

Another stunning photo shoot from Vogue Korea this May! Lots of beautiful vintage-style patterns matched every which way!  I wonder where they shot some of this, the setting is very beautiful and matches the feeling perfectly! Please enjoy~

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