Let’s Go Shopping in Hongdae 홍대 ♥

Korea Brand Spotlight♥ 봄곰 Bomgom



Today I have a really fun Korean indie accessory brand to share with you~ 봄곰 Bomgom! If you like toys, random fun items, and have a playful style this brand is one you should definitely check out!

Celebrating Freedom, Fashion, and Social Responsibility at Gallant Suits Launch


GFIS Meetup: Platoon Flea Market

Tomorrow, Saturday the 6th, Gay Friends in Seoul will have another meetup. They will be going to Platoon's Night Market. Travel Pants Korea is unveiling a fashion section on their site, so that means cocktails and fashion and gayness.

8Seconds ♥ Korea 2012 fashion brand~ Gangnam location grand opening!


 Are you looking for a good place to shop in Gangnam?

This past weekend the newest location of the Korean Brand  8 Seconds (aka 8ight seconds, 8seconds, or 에잇세컨즈 ) opened its doors at last with crowds lining up!  I figured this would be a perfect time to not only share some photos of its newest (and I think nicest) location yet, but introduce the brand to you guys as a whole!

Flairman of the Board: Christian Wach Interview

Some would say the surfboard is already a work of art. Twenty-two-year old world class surfer, Christian Wach, sees it not only as a work of art, but also as a canvas for his brush.

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA – Born in San Clemente, California in 1989, renowned surfer Christian Wach (pronounced “Wa”) first climbed on a surfboard at six-years-old. Not that it was much of a board, as he recalls.

“It was an old Capo Bay with the corkiest airbrush to match, duct taped rails and a semi-busted side fin.”

Mmm Pussy?

Gotta love konglish

Dolly Beauty in Korea

Lately it seems that dolls are very popular models for products like tights, hair dye, masks, etc!

Here are some of the ones I have spotted so far~  I’ll add to this post if I find any new ones ♥

Enakei: Cute Artist, Brand, & Haul!

Today I would like to share with you the adorable Korean accessory brand Enakei! For girls who like very feminine pieces with a cute twist!

Dongdaemun Mini Bootleg Night Market

One thing I love about Dongdaemun 동대문 is that no matter what time you happen to stop by, something new seems to be going on.  New areas open, other areas close, tents sprout up like weeds, and disappear just as quickly.  One good example is a yellow tent night-time market that occurs from around 10pm- midnight just about every night in this area selling mainly replica items.

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