A Month In

By now you will have gathered that I haven’t been blogging with the same level of ferocity as you may have been familiar with. I have given the blog a bit of a rest so that I can settle into life back in Ireland, as well as concentrate on other projects and writing goals. It […]

Of Suwon No More

I am no longer a resident is Suwon. It’s a sad day, I suppose, but one myself and Herself talked about for a while. It may be a new idea to you but it’s one thing we’ve known about for some time.

Over the past week boxes were filled, as we’re plenty of those 100 litre rubbish bags. The bags went to the dumpster down below, the boxes to the post office. Thankfully there’s surface post from Korea to Ireland.

This Could Be (one of) the Last Time(s)


The fact that I live an apartment on the twentieth floor is not news to this blog. This high position allows for a fine, if not a little post-apocalyptic at times, view of Suwon on all but the most weather beaten of days. I have grown fond of taking photographs of the many perspectives this home of ours provides.


Well my desk is cleared and my bags are mostly packed. As for everyone else who is travelling with me, well that’s a different story.


Tomorrow, myself, Herself, and +1 will board a flight from Incheon and enjoy an 18 hour cross-continental journey to Ireland. Exciting times indeed. I look forward to taking a good stab at the duty free myself.

All in all, it should be a blast.

Thank you, Mamas & Papas – A Letter From Mama Monica

Mama Monica, here.

MMPKorea has been a great part of my experience and memory in Korea, but I have moved away and can no longer be a regular help with the Makgeolli Mamas & Papas community.  With that said, Mama Julia is still loving makgeolli in Seoul and workin’ her little booty off to share the joy.

I would like to say thank you to you.  Thank you for really great memories, delicious makgeolli moments, phenomenal pajeon and new friendships, It has been really exciting to see MMPKorea grow and reach new potentials.  It has also been really special to be a part of makgeolli, watching the world fall in love with it.

a very special..until next time

Back Row, Chul, Drella, Alice, Bobbie, Toress, Voli, Sean
Middle Row, Adam, Me, Sophia, Sally, Coco, Christopher
Bottom, Jay and Charlie
Missing, Luke

Two weeks ago when we made the decision to head back to America a bit early, we really didn’t even begin to think about the goodbyes (or as a friend reminded me…until next time’s)

A student of mine, Christopher (middle row, suit, far right) emailed me and said that we must go out for dinner. So, word spread and before we knew it, a meal was planned.

Rad City Dance Party Art Show!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 21:00

Let's party! ... Live music, DJ Auntviv, zines and art displays...

9pm - Live Acoustic Set
- Jason Ross (last show in SOKO)
- Vivian Thomas (last show in SOKO)
- Rachel Hinkel
- Daniel Goldberg (last show in SOKO)

10pm - Live Electronic Set
- The Spookfish ( http://www.myspace.com/thespookfish ) (Last show in SOKO)

11pm - Live Band
- Lhasa

Midnight (and between sets)
- DJ Auntviv (last show in SOKO)

All at the Basement in Busan's PNU neighborhood!

(facebook event page HERE: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=296316460981&ref=mf)

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