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I have officially been sucked in to a Bloggers life. Every morning I wake up, make my coffee and jump straight to my reader. I scan through all my topics and browse all of these amazing ideas, incredible places, tons of opinions and well just get lost in how diverse and inspiring everyone is.

A battle with being an Expat

Fact: when you’re chasing everything you’ve ever wanted, at some point, you’re going to have to leave home and the people and things you love dearly. (I copied this statement)

Adam and I don’t normally write blogs about our “feelings” especially when we are missing things. We try to focus on the positive when we are away because we don’t want our family back home to read our blogs and then feel sad. We want them to see the good, exciting and amazing things that living as expats brings to our lives.

Korean Family 'Pension' Outing

As well as the more controversial article I wrote the other week, I also posted a piece to another website, which was an adaptation of my blog post on my Korean family.  I again received praise but also some quite fierce criticism.  Most of the criticism was based around the argument that I was not trying hard enough with my Korean family.  To summarise what was said I essentially needed to learn more Korean, stop being so selfish, not be so tight, and generally pull my finger out.

The Boy Reads At Last

Early this morning I dreamed that all the animals had gotten out of the zoo and were running rampant through some new little city my family was living in, and at first I could see the lions chasing after the buffalo through the tall golden grass outside and I only wanted to photograph them with my cellphone, and snapped a good picture of a lioness leaping toward our wooden hotel through the grass, a ghost at first and then fully-formed as she drew nearer to us on the second floor. Then I yelled at someone to lock the door to protect my son, but as I woke with mounting dread I sensed that the lion would come for us anyway, and after I was awake the dream continued playing on inside my mind’s movie theater: the lioness bursts through the door and wants to go for my wife and child, I get between them with a big knife and go for the lioness, but she mauls my throat and kills me easily, the blood draining out of the punctures in my neck.

Holy “Energy Balls” from Kansas!

Getting packages is always nice but its pretty much awesome when you get one while abroad from friends and family back home. Today I received a “welcome back to Busan” care package from Nicole’s best friend Nicole and her husband Nick in Kansas. A very thoughtful combo of ingredients was included for me to make my own “Energy Balls” from scratch. She also included some taco seasoning, which as many of us Soko dwellers know is not an easy find.

The healthy recipe is pictured below for those who have a sudden hankering for balls….Energy Balls. Thanks again guys, you are most excellent!

TV isn’t just for Humans

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This morning when I was working out with my TAM DVD, I had the computer on the floor and I was shocked to see Eunee walk up, sit on the key board and begin pawing at Tracy’s Leg moving up and down as the was leading the floor exercises. Eunee was watching the movement on the computer, and completely fascinated.
Tonight, as we sit here and unwind, Eunee propped herself up on Adam’s shoulder and could not be distracted as the BBC newscasters with their cute accents spoke about sports. I really wasn’t paying much attention until a few minutes went by and the little one just wouldn’t give it up. 

Letter from Korea, June 2012.

South Korea
June 28, 2012


Dear Ireland,

Are ye well? I have been doing my best to find the time to write this month’s letter before the month is out for a very good reason. As much as I would like to write about Ireland’s disastrous showing in Euro 2012 and my efforts to watch each game at 4am, there are more important things to note in this month’s letter. The whole of my world as an Irishman in Korea has suddenly changed from its original Hemingway-in-Paris aspirations to an all too realistic situation.

Frogs, Toads, Ants and Grandkids!

It's been a pretty interesting week around here.  I was on the deck the other day when I saw this little guy.  I'm not sure what he is.  We have toads but they don't have the frog striping on them like this little guy had.  He sure was cute and little did I know he was a sign of the future.

Claying with Noah

I haven't touch my polymer clay for, well let's say a long, long time, but it only took an interest from Noah for me to pull out my clay box, dust it off and jump right back in.  I thought I would be rusty but one of the things I love about polymer clay is that it is so forgiving.  We started by making monsters.  Mine is on the right.

Noah Days - Part 2

One of the favorite things I would do with Noah's mother, our daughter, was to take her to The Red Balloon in St. Paul.  It's a children's bookstore that is simply magical.  I just had to repeat this with our grandson, Noah.  As you can see, he was so excited to get in.

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