Seollal (Lunar New Year in SK)


Letter from Korea, February 2013

February 2013

Dear Ireland

Today, Thursday February 7 of the year 2013, has been a long and busy day, and it’s far from over. This morning myself, herself, and +1, rose at 6am as we always do, but instead of feeding and returning to sleep, we dressed in a panic, and bailed into the car in sub-zero temperatures. A trip to the airport was afoot. Why? Well, mammy and daddy were on their way to Korea!

Letter from Korea, December 2012

Suwon, South Korea
December, 2012

Dear Ireland

There are moments when I completely forget that I’m a father now, and I lapse into my old routine, desperate for something which I used to think was enjoying. Things are a little different now. It’s not that those things which I used to be entertained by are no longer entertaining, as they are somewhat, it’s just that these moments where I forget don’t last long. I’m either jolted from a daydream into activity by a gurgle or yelp, a call from Herself (who seems perpetually busy), or I just remember.  It’s a nice realisation to have over and over again.

Saturday in Seoul: Let’s have a tea party & play dress-up.


A few close friends recently completed their year of teaching in Korea and returned home to the US. Although it was sad to see them leave, their last few months here were full of new adventures in Seoul. They made a list of things they wanted to accomplish before leaving The Land of Kimchi and I am glad they were serious in completing this to-do list. One Saturday, instead of heading into Seoul to experience the plethora of shopping and dining opportunities that we love, we ventured to a new part of the city and found our way to a traditional Korean hanok (home) where we, for less than $20, learned how to properly drink and serve tea and dressed in hanbok clothing.

Family Holidays.

I’ve gone on many, many family holidays, but what I remember isn’t exactly what I originally sent any postcards home about. The novelty of a family holiday is a notion that has alluded me for a long time. I grew up the second eldest of five sons and it was what seemed to me to be a long time before I could enjoy my own holiday on my own conditions. Probably the fact that I was in that position in the family, where I seemed to spend more time on large group holidays than my other brothers may have, and this may have encouraged the sense of desperation to avoid a mass family fueled exodus I had as I was in my late teens and early twenties. I’m certainly more inclined to enthuse over a family holiday now. are always changing.

First I have to apologize. I have been completely neglecting my blogging. Life has thrown us some interesting curve balls recently and I am just trying to keep my head on straight and get done the stuff that needs to be gettin a done.

10 years ago I thought I knew what my future held. (I was going to be a teacher)
5 years ago I thought something completely different. (I was going to be a rich sales woman)
3 years ago I had an epiphany and well changed my ideas for the future. (We was going to be expats and spend years all over the world in different countries)

Mum on Tour

I hadn't seen my mum for 9 days straight since I left home when I was 18 to go to university, so wanted to make the most of the time we had together in Busan. As soon as my mum had her flights booked I started to make lots of plans and lists. Lists of things she had to see, places that she had to visit and all the food she had to try. I wanted her to see all the best bits of Busan and skip over the rubbishy bits that you experience when you're on your own in a new place and trying to figure things out for the first time. 

It's also really easy to forget how daunting the different alphabet and how alien everyday things can be when you first get here and I was worried that she wouldn't be able to get around as easily when I had to be at work.


I've always been rubbish at saying goodbye so this morning was not easy at all, especially as it was so early and I had just dragged myself out of bed to see my mum and Julie one last time. I'll post more about our trip tomorrow.

I was slightly cheered up by the phone call I got twenty minutes later from my mum laughing at the taxi driver as he serenaded them on their way to the airport. Oh Korea!

Oppa Gerbil Style…photo essay by Eunee.

my first food bowl was a lunchbox….dad thinks he’s smart.

dad constantly spilled my water with his feet.

so…Mom and Dad bought me a new water machine…..

The Weekend's here

I have a four day weekend to show my mum a bit more of Busan. I'm up bright and early as we're about to head to Jeju Island. We went on a nice, long walk yesterday and ate lots of delicious food. All is good!

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