N. Korea Gangsterdom



Photo taken from Yonhap News Agency

It’s always a treat when I’m able to get breaking news from Facebook.

Looks like North Korea has gone gangster again as local news organizations are reporting that Kim Jong Il and his cronies have fired  rounds of artillery onto the S. Korean Island of Yeonpueong near the highly disputed border.

According to S. Korea’s YTN television, at least two people have been injured, with one S. Korean soldier having been killed.

Destination: Haebangchon Fest (fall 2010)

Gil, at the HBC Cafe.

Expat Night #2 with the Lotte Giants

See video
Busan.com's coverage of BusanHaps.com 2nd Expat Night with the 2010 Lotte Giants

Question from a reader: China vs. Korea

A reader from Europe writes:

hey, I stumbled upon ur blog and i have to say its pretty cool!

Im from Europe and I also plan on coming to seoul to teach! Trouble is, Ive also been offered a job in Shanghai and I wanted to know if yu'd been there and maybe u could compare ie:terms of living

Hope u can help,

cheers, L.

Hi there my wonderful European reader,

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