Makgeolli Making Class Success

We spent last Saturday up to our elbows in rice, water, and nuruk, all in the name of makgeolli brewing education.  The good people at Susubori Academy and expat Brewers Becca Baldwin & Dan Lenaghan walked us through the ins and outs of fermentation, and our Mamas & Papas relished every minute.

Dan & Becca Talk Homebrew on tbs eFM

Our friends Becca Baldwin and Dan Lanaghan were recently interviewed on the 1013 Mainstreet program at tbs eFM to talk about makgeolli, Susubori Academy and their upcoming book. It was great to hear them talk about how they got into makgeolli in the first place, brewing classes, and their upcoming plans for the future. Susubori Academy has been very supportive of Makgeolli Mamas & Papas, and we love to spread the word about all the good work they do. You can listen to the full interview with Mainstreet’s Host Ahn Junghyun below. Well done Dan & Becca!

The link below will take you to Wikiupload, just click ‘Download This File’ for the full interview.

Dan & Becca Talk Makgeolli on 1013 Mainstreet tbs eFM

Queer Links from the Week

Human Rights Monitor: Suicide of Gay Soldier Brings to Surface Military's Indifference to Sexual Minorities
Mapping Worlds: Gay in Korea: an interview with an American expat living in Seoul (not a big fan of the expat's generalizations... my comments are at the bottom under Mark)

Asan Makgeolli Making Success!

Last Saturday Mamas & Papas new and old made the trek out of Seoul to the Asan Folk Village to get our makgeolli making on.  The setting could not have been more perfect for a weekend out of town, and we were well occupied with all the traditional distractions at the festival.

More Expats Learning Makgeolli

Let’s face it.  Makgeolli Mamas & Papas could never have been realized without the continued support of our mentor Jo Hyojin, aka Dr. Makgeolli, and the team at Muldwinda and Susubori Academy.

So we were delighted to come across an article recently which featured Susubori, Hyojin, and a cast of other expat makgeolli lovers talking, studying, learning and brewing our favorite drink.

Normalised into Indifference: MBC etc.

I think I’m normalised to a lot of the larger complaints made about living in Korea. Complaints like ‘Korea is soooo racist’ and other ones, but I’ll stick to the racist thing here because it’s topical. By topical I’m obviously talking about the video of the naïve and innocent foreigners who admitted to MBC about having sex with Korean women, which in turn encouraged further reporting of rumours about someone’s friend who may have overheard something in a Caffé Bene.

I’ve had a bit of time to think about this, but I’ll keep it short as there isn’t really much to say. I have no doubt that all that was said in the video was true. Whether it was reported on ethically and the footage actually involved the aggrieved is debatable.

Branksome Hall Asia

Branksome Hall, the pre-eminent girls independent school in North America, and a leading IB World School, has been invited by the South Korean government to establish a full partner school on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jeju Island. Branksome Hall Asia is Branksome Hall in Asia. One school, two campuses. Branksome Hall Asia will open its doors to 1200 students from around the world on 15 October 2012. The school will be co-educational from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 and girls only from Grades 4 - 12. Branksome Hall Asia will attract the world’s best IB educators from North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and around the globe. For additional information, please visit http://www.korea4expats.com/service-Branksome-Hall-Asia-English-Internat... Or go to our website

So, Koreans are sooo Korean…

The other day I sat through a conversation with a person who referred to Korean people as being soooo Korean. I didn’t ask them what they meant, and perhaps I should have, because it’s the kind of thing that really needs more of an explanation. Why? Is it not absurd to consider Koreans to be anything but Korean?

There is a prevailing thought that I keep encountering in Korea which bothers me. It is the concept that Korean people and people from other countries are so different that their actions must be distinguished as being distinctly Korean. You might think that this is fair, because Korean people do act like Korean people. But what’s the point of making an issue of it? It’s like complaining that the shower you are taking in the morning is sooo wet. Korean people are Korean, so they will act Korean. And, hold on to your hats here because this next comment will blow the roof off, many of them are proud of it! Fuck. Stop the world.

Book review: Dispatches from the Peninsula, by Chris Tharp

Chris Tharp of Busan Haps fame tells all in his newest autobiographical tale!

This is Our Dog - Diga

Let me tell you about a little white scruffer that Rose and I call Diga. For the last few years, Rose and I have really wanted to get a dog. At our place in Madison, we couldn't get a dog, and that really sucked. As we were getting ready to leave for Korea, we found out that many expats abroad adopted dogs. This sounded amazing to us, but we weren't sure how easy or practical it would be for us. The rest of this article is the story of Rose and I expanding our family. 

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