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11th Street Shopping – SelCa Pod

April 2013 in 2 Minutes


11th Street Shopping – RODE VideoMic

The folks over at Community Korea helped find expat ambassadors for 11th Street – an online market owned by SK Planet. I had no idea I would actually get it, so you could imagine the gleeful squealing that occurred when I received the official email congratulating me on my win. I let them know I was interested in buying a mic [...]

The Amazons Invade a Toga Party


About 2 months ago, a couple of theater friends of mine (of course they are theater people lol) had the idea to throw a Toga Party in Downtown Daegu. Now our friend Nick is known for putting a spin on these kinds of things. He approached us with the idea to dress up as Amazons and invade the party. 

Physical Therapy in Korea


The Same Same But Different of the ROK


Originally Published on ThreeWiseMonkeys.com

By Ms. V

Is there a more charming Asian phrase than, “same same but different”? If there is, I haven’t found it. After traveling in Southeast Asia and discovering this lovely phrase, I had high hopes that I would also encounter it here in South Korea. Sadly, it seems not to have migrated, which is a shame because it really is quite useful.

The 22nd Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon!



Living Here During the North Korean Threats


A Gyeongju Day in Spring


Last week my friends went on a last hurrah trip to the beautiful city of Gyeongju (same place I’ll be doing my race in next week). Laura and Analie left Korea this past weekend, so it was a last epic trip with them. Plus it’s spring, the cherry blossoms were starting to blossom and we wanted to ride some scooters. The trip in summary:

The cultural artifacts around me

As I was combing through the last two year’s worth of grad school notes and writings, I came across this short piece I wrote for a course called Integrating Culture into the Language Classroom. One of the main ideas in that course was that in order to be better guides to culture in our classrooms, we need to see and better understand ourselves as cultural beings, and this short assignment is addressed to that. We were asked to look around our work space and talk about three “cultural artifacts” that say something about who we are culturally. It was a fun exercise, and I thought I’d post the results here.

My bed

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