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Expat Hell: The Coping Mechanisms of Expats

By The Expat

I don’t like or dislike the entire “Korea Experience.” That is to say, I’m not in love with the place, but I don’t hate it either. I’m simply a non-person here, a marriage migrant who rolled the dice and accepted the outcome.

We all have experiences both good and bad in Korea, but for me, most of my experiences are simply neutral. I don’t experience mind-blowing revelations, nor do I experience extreme depression or feelings of hatred. Day after day passes, and my experience mostly remains neutral. In fact, I make a concerted effort to exert as much control over my neutral “Korean Experience” as possible.

Neighborhood Review: Do you remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Sinchon?

By Mizaru

Editor’s Note: This begins a loose-leaf, round the dial, yawp heard round the world on diverse (hopefully) neighborhoods in Seoul.

Part 1

I’m in Love with modern moonlight

And the neon when it’s cold outside

I’m in love with rock ‘n’ roll and I’ll be out all night

Christmas Flashmob


[ROKing Korea] Exhibits, Performances, Food & Coffee… Multifunctional Spaces on the Rise!

Getting My Bipolar Brother out of Korea


Editor’s Note:  This story is a follow-up to the two-part “Bipolar, off the Rails and Locked up in Korea” story written by a man who found himself in a Korean mental hospital before being drugged and put on a plane back to America.  What follows is the story of his sister who had to try to get him back home in one piece.

A Christmas Letter for You


Supreme Court of Korea Dismisses PVT Andre Fisher’s Final Appeal Without Hearing


By Iwazaru

Stepping into the Unknown: Danger, Generosity and the Buddhist Mind on the Wonhyo Pilgrimage (Podcast)

By Iwazaru

Seven full days into the more than 400 kilometer pilgrimage across the Korean peninsula in an attempt to trace the footsteps of 7th century Buddhist monk Wonhyo, the members of the trek have changed, the leader, Tony MacGregor, has taken a dangerous fall, Koreans have stepped forward with immense generosity and the road has provided its good share of challenges and rewards. All the while Macgregor, Chris McCarthy and Sangmin sunim, a Buddhist monk who’s joined the pilgrims, have pushed on sometimes joined by professor David Mason.

On Saturday, December 10, MacGregor was happy enough to answer some questions about the journey while settling in after a dinner at Muryang Buddhist Temple in Yeongyang. Among the many things he said, one stood out toward the end of the interview when he offered that each day was a “stepping into the unknown” which he was actually enjoying.

A Korean Orphanage and a Killed Story

Editor’s note: Over the past few months 3WM was in contact with a volunteer at an Korean orphanage who offered to submit an article about the goings on at the center itself. Yet, as she conducted her research for the article, she found herself under increasing pressure from the staff. Below is the article she was able to submit under the circumstances. Following that is some of the correspondence that took place between 3WM and the author during the course of the research and composition process.  3WM is withholding the name of the author and the orphanage.

By Jane Doe

“I do not like this,” Eun Jung said in a low voice. She refused to make eye contact and fiddled with her pencil. I sighed and shuffled through my stack of prepared activities. Dae Kwan shook his head and stared at the floor.

“Do you want to match the flag with the right country?” I asked cheerfully.


Daegu turns Musical


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