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Do You Remember Sinchon and All the Strange Rock ‘n’ Rollers?

Ed’s Notes: This begins a loose-leaf, round the dial, yawp heard round the world on diverse (hopefully) neighborhoods in Seoul.

Part II

By Mizaru

How to Get Justice Korean-style–Cash Only


By Lee Scott

Part 1

Update on Wesito!


What do I actually eat?

My sister has been wondering what I actually eat here in Korea. And I was thinking of this organized way to present my food choices of a certain week – but hey, I’m on vacation and thinking of being organized simply failed. So here are random pics of food I’ve been eating during my vacation. [...]

Expert Travel Shut Down, Scammer Kang (AKA Kim) Still out There

By Iwazaru

Love is in the air …. on stage ^^

Next Saturday the Daegu Theatre Troupe will be performing for the first time in an actual theater! We will be wowing our audience with our celebration of the funny, the strange, the unusual, the inner turmoil, the outer actions – All Things Love .  I‘ve been super excited about the show because aside from being in it, I [...]

Yumi and the Shrimp


Travelers Beware: Serial Scammer on the Loose and Doing Business

By Iwazaru

Zenith Travel Scam Artist Still Scamming Expats out of Cash

By Iwazaru

3WM broke the ongoing Zenith Travel scam back in September after being contacted by those involved. With the reported arrest of “Wystan” Wan-koo Kang in October, many thought that justice had been served. Zenith Travel had its doors shut and Kang was to face prosecution for scamming dozens of foreigners out of more than an estimated 100 million won. So why is he still conducting deals and scamming more foreigners?

Read original story

Story on closing of Zenith Travel

See Korean media (MBC) coverage of Zenith scam.

Makin’ some Ceramics


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