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A Week in Photos #1


Dreaming in Korean


Expat Teachers Face More Visa Hoops in Korea (E and F Holders)

By Matt VanVolkenburg (From Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Editor’s Note: Any teacher in Korea or planning to come should read carefully and decide whether he or she wants to be labelled a drug user and disease carrier in exchange for teaching English.

As blogged at the Marmot’s Hole last week, seven Korean-Americans, including two lawyers and a native speaking English instructor, were arrested on drug-related charges on March 15, with all but one being arrested for dealing. As the Korea Herald reported,

One Drop East: The Show and The Band–Rockin’ in Busan


Paradise Lost: Teaching English on Jeju Island

By Iwazaru

A few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon, an email came in from an acquaintance who comes into contact with most Korean-related content on the Web and then disseminates it via his blog. He’d just gotten, he wrote, “the oddest call” from a man convinced that he was about to be arrested for uncovering a “human traffiking/illegal teacher scam.” Perhaps I’d be interested in contacting the individual, was the suggestion with contact details. This began what has been a bizarre and frustrating process of trying to get to the bottom of the story.

Always Be Closing: Will Korean Court Stop Travel Scam for Good?

Toon by Lee Scott, words by Iwazaru

Does justice ever come? The scores of expats scammed out of bundles of cash by crooked travel agent Kang Wan-koo have been asking this question for months and months, some longer, and with the beginning of his trial scheduled for 10:40 a.m. on Tuesday, March 13, the question is as relevant and weighted as ever.

The Love Collective Rocked


How to Get Justice Korean-style–Cash Only (Pt. 2)

By Lee Scott

Read Part 1 here.

Nowon Police Station.

The Bright Side of SMOE English Teacher Layoffs


By Achilles

“I don’t like teaching English!” said “Sally” to the class. “Matt” said the same. And then “Lisa.” And so it continued for an entire week.

Sunday Morning in Itaewon: For Whom the Hell Rolls

By The Expat

Itaewon:  You bring me back to my roots.

Itaewon:  I love you and hate you.

Itaewon:  As long as you’re there, I’ll keep coming back.

At the top of 'Hooker Hill' Sunday morning, Itaewon.

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