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U.S. Soldier Accused of Arson Admits to Unintentional Fire, Depression and being Under Restriction

By John M. Rodgers

Pfc. Marcos Pedraza-Pascual (Ashley Rowland/Stars and Stripes).

The ongoing Hooker Hill arson case against Army Pfc. Marcos Pedraza-Pascual took a strange turn during the last hearing on May 22 at the Seoul Central District Court when Pedraza-Pascual revealed that he was going through out-processing to leave the military, was under restriction and had tried to “hurt” himself due to being “very depressed.”

Silver Linings: Making the most out of the MBC imbroglio

Words by R.M. Adamson, toon by Lee Scott

By R.M. Adamson

There is, I think, some value in speaking the truth about what you feel, even if others disagree–even if they disagree enough to want to hurt you because of it. More often than not, these are precisely the things that need to be said, the things that others most need to hear, even if they often would rather not.

Korean Court to Sentence Man Who Scammed Travelers out of Thousands

By John M. Rodgers

On Tuesday, June 5, the Seoul Eastern District Court will finally hand down a sentence to Kang Wan Koo (aka Wystan Kang or Joseph Kim) the serial travel scammer who bilked scores of clients, mostly expats, out of more than 100 million won ($85,000) over the period of at least a year, according to Seoul Prosecutors. At the last hearing on May 8, the prosecutor asked the judge to sentence Kang to four years imprisonment, though sources familiar with Korean law expect a maximum of two years with the chance that the sentence could be suspended.

Since Kang was arrested and detained on February 13 of this year, victims of his chicanery have shown mixed emotions—some expressed relief that he was behind bars and thus unable to continue the scam while others scoffed at his detention because it meant that he was unemployed and without a means to repay his debt.

Touching Down in Phnom Penh: Dust, Fumes and a Gritty, Frenetic City

By Mizaru

Phnom Penh on the shores of the Tonle Sap River.

Phnom Penh is not yet a CNN.go city. What it is is a go-kart city. Every sound and smell on the street is equal to that of a frenetic pit stop. Any vehicle that burns gas is welcome in Phnom Penh, and it’s saner to grin and then hop on the back of one that is temporarily still instead of letting your jaw drop and wonder how did you dip into the outer vestibule of Dante’s Inferno.

Live Expat Theater in Phnom Penh

By 3WM

The Phnom Penh Players are proud to present: “Life in Limbo” a collection of short plays. A night featuring five original plays written by members of Phnom Penh’s most notorious amateur theatre company.

Friday, June 8th and Saturday June 9th, 2012 at Khmer Surin (corner of St. 57 and St. 282). Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m.

Tickets are currently on sale at the Willow Boutique Guest House (St. 21 House #1).

As always the proceeds will be donated to a charity that promotes the arts here in Cambodia.

Closer by Patrick Marber: Becoming Alice

A Rough Beginning The show has come to a close … and what a trip it’s been^_^. Closer was a year in the making – I was the third Alice to be casted, and Simon was the second Dan. When I was approached about the role back in February..or was it March? .. I had [...]

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