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Performance: Little Shop of Horrors (Camarata Music Company)

The ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ has aged nicely, considering it was copyrighted the same year I was born. The story is straightforward enough: geeky Seymour, an orphan taken in by Mr. Mushnik (left), and his ‘not-so-secret’ crush Audrey, both work at Mr. Mushnik ‘skid row’ flower shop. I was too busy taking photos to note how accurate the Korean subtitles were, but the Korean audience seemed to laugh in all the right places. His face isn’t visible in this picture, but the wino (center, on ground) is the only Korean actor in the production.

2S2 gathering - this Saturday - open invitation to anyone in Korea

If the term '2S2' is unfamiliar, it's a get-together of expats and Koreans every 2nd Saturday at 2pm started by Rob from Roboseyo. Unlike most other 'get-together' type groups, this one starts at the same place (A Twosome Place near Anguk station - line 3, exit 1), but does something different every time. This time, Rob has given my girlfriend and I the keys to the event for this month - this Saturday, it's on.

We'll get started around 11:45am - I'll meet people at the top of Sinsa station, line 3, exit 8. From there we'll walk down to the dancing place. If you want to get there on your own, the directions are below.

The state of the expat: looking to 2010

Expats and the K-blogosphere have definitely experienced a measure of recognition in 2009. A number of bloggers and other writers have found their words used in almost every English language newspaper in Korea, along with every expat-focused magazine and several expat-driven websites. A few new websites have opened or relaunched in '09 - Chatjip is still fairly new as of the end of the year; seoulstyle.com has been relaunched. many excellent blogs continue to run strong, while several new ones have been quite interesting to read. Hat tips to Hermit Hideaways, @Koreangov, and Dating in Korea for being just a few of the better blogs I've discovered this year.

Two new community efforts worth your attention

The next time you find yourself in Seoul lamenting the lack of expat community, think again.

Exhibit A: 2S2 - organized by Rob over at Roboseyo, it's a community that focuses on doing something together with other expats in the real world. 2S2 is as much a reference to it's date (2S = 2nd Saturday of every month) and time (2pm) as it is a name. The next meet up will be this Saturday, 2pm, at the Twosome Place near Anguk station (line 3, exit 1). Turn right out of the gate, then look right just before the intersection. It's free, it's cool, and it's a great chance to meet up with some new people that you don't work with. This month, Rob and crew will be teaching / playing GoStop - you've seen the older women play it, now learn for yourself. Read up on the rules here, then come out to have some fun.

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