Welcome to the World of Jean-Paul Gaultier…

Have you ever visited a world where teddy bears wear cone shaped bras, men look sexy in feathered bustiers and hasidic jews are style inspirations? Welcome to the world of Jean-Paul Gaultier!

“Non-conformist designer seeks unusual models—the conventionally pretty need not apply.”
A Jean-Paul Gaultier classified recruiting models

Jean paul gaultier, gaultier, parfum jean paul gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier universe, where teddy bears wear cone bras...

Destination: Golden Splendors - The Royal Tomb of Silla (National Museum of Korea, Seoul)

Once buried under tons of rock and dirt, this exhibition of (mostly) authentic relics from Korea's Silla Dynasty is given new life - and exhibit space - decades after they were first discovered. Dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries, they tell the stories of kings and queens, burial rituals, and the handing of power from dead to living. Since the tomb's excavation in the 1970's, there hasn't been much seen by the public.

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