Keeping Fit In Korea


I’ve spoken before about healthy eating in Korea and explained why I find it easier to follow a healthy diet here than at home in England. The other part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is obviously to exercise. Before coming to Korea I’d switch between using the gym and going for runs outside. Since moving, I’ve found some aspects of keeping fit easier, others more difficult.

Buddhist Mornings, Mountain Discoveries in Gimhae

I noticed a trend this week.

On Tuesday and Thursday, I was in fantastic moods. The kids at school, even the annoying ones, didn’t annoy me so much. I enjoyed work, I enjoyed food, air, sun and exercise.

Thumbs Up

On Wednesday, I felt like a bear getting punched in his testicles.


Living Life The Korean Way

I’ve been living in Korea for 18 months now, enough time to get over the initial culture shock and to adapt to living the Korean lifestyle. There have been both good things- going out for dinner and getting a delicious, filling meal for under £5, and bad- fearing for your life every time you are on/ near the road because of the crazy drivers.

Here are some of the things I have become accustomed to during the last year and a half in  Korea- the good, the bad and everything in between…

Weight Training and the Curious Case of Korean Gyms

Your body is going to change when you come to Korea.  It may be for the better or worse, but it will change.  The food is different and your lifestyle will change and somehow the combination of these things will impact your appearance.  So, finding a gym is going to be something you’ll want to do eventually.  The thing is, you don’t know anything about gyms in Korea or what to expect.  Well, neither did I.

The gym experience is definitely different, and by some standards and experiences – unique.

The first thing I realized is that there are no mega-franchise fitness centers that I have come across here in Busan.  Maybe in the super-tropolis, Seoul, you’ll have luck finding one, but given the space issue in Korea, it’s unlikely.


I’ve been doing the New York Times’ Scientific Seven Minute Workout for a few months now, and I’m noticing more results than I ever did just by running for an hour every two or three days, but with a few caveats—I work out for at least an hour, not for seven minutes; I record the time I spend doing these exercises, adding fifteen seconds to each whenever I do them; I eat whatever the hell I want (like a singularity, I can consume an entire pizza in less than a second); I walk or bike everywhere I go, and only get inside cars on weekends. I started this workout with a lot more dedication than usual because of its simplicity: I don’t have to waste my time or money going to a gym, I don’t have to embarrass myself in front of everyone sweating like a pig, flushed like a pig, outside, and all I need is a floor and a chair.

Boxing or regular gyms in Suyeong-gu/dong?

I recently just moved to Busan and live in Suyeong-dong. Does anyone know of any good boxing gyms, or fitness gyms in the area? My Korean friend (girl)and I want to exercise in the evenings. Cardio style boxing, if possible, but a regular gym would be okay too.


Pride Bike Ride

Another option for pride this weekend is a Pride Bike Ride! Starting at 6:30 on June 1st from Gangnam station, Bike Party's 8th ride celebrating diversity. More info can be found on facebook. Unfortunately, the bike ride coincides with the parade in Hongdae...

Health Kick

Health Kick

Rice, every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner is starting to catch up with me. At first, the food I avoided because it was too spicy or just plain weird is now what I crave, so the weight I lost when I first got to Korea has found its way back to me, and it's invited its friends to join in.

The Benefits of Swimming

The Benefits of Swimming

Guest Post by David Holt.

 “I feel most at home in the water.  I disappear.  That’s where I belong.” – Michael Phelps, Olympic Gold Medalist.

Vegan Booty 31-day HallowLEAN Challenge

Happy International Vegetarian Day

It’s finally autumn and the weather is perfect for running and playing outdoors. To celebrate the changing season, October’s month of vegetarian love and to celebrate myself, I’ve signed up to participate in the Vegan Booty 31 day HallowLEAN challenge. The initiative is simple – exercising at least 30 minutes a day, everyday.

This is what I’m aiming for….

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