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ESL Teachers: Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think

I recently came across an awesome blog post from Thought Catalog by Brianna Wiest called 20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are. In my opinion, this post was about fulfillment as much as it was about reflecting on signs that we’re doing better than we think. I believe it applies to ESL teachers who are doing life away from home because normal challenges in life become amplified without our home base of support to fall back on. Over time the smallest things can get you down and make you question how much longer you can stay on the vagabond path. Even more so, maybe it causes some of us to ask ourselves if the decision was even the right one in the first place.

Teaching ESL abroad is a magical experience though, isn’t it?

Park English Recruitment Agency Inc.

Park English Recruitment Agency Inc. - ESL Jobs in Korea & ESL Cafe

Park English is a bilingual and bicultural company based in Seoul, South Korea. We are a Korean-American company, able to efficiently and effectively communicate with you as well as your prospective school. Our staff consists of experienced ESL teachers who can understand and relate what you want and need from a school. Best of all, there is absolutely no charge for our services!

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