Sara Davila @ 2010 KOTESOL National Conference

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Sara talks about alternative assessment and EPIK training at the Kotesol National Conference in Deagu. (May 15, 2010) More about Sara at : http://saradavila.com/

Question from a reader: EPIK, Ukraine vs. Korea, and grad school?

I love questions from readers! Look through the archives first - if I haven't answered your question, e-mail me at chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com.

Question from a reader: recruiters and pre-existing psychological conditions?

Author's note: if you have first-hand experience or knowledge about pre-existing psychological conditions, feel free to comment. You can use a fake name / handle in the comments if you like.

A reader named J. writes in:

Hi Chris,

I've applied to teach in Korea and I expressed interest in working for a public school. Do you know if there is a big difference between EPIK and SMOE? I'd prefer to go with SMOE because I'd rather live in/near a big city than in a rural location, but I think my choices might be a) go for EPIK in February/March or b) go for SMOE in August/September. I might have read the email wrong (I asked for clarification) but I'm curious if EPIK might be okay. I'd rather leave in Feb/Mar than later next year.

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