New Animated Film, ‘The King of Pigs,’ Tackles Bullying in South Korea

Judy is a Punk!

The viral video, "Judy is a punk in kindergarten"...exemplifies how being a teacher here in Korea has changed. People have brought their talent to the schools here and are allowed to share it with students. The video is really great with little toothless wonders bopping up and down and singing.

Rekstizzy’s new music video, ‘No Apologies,’ featuring Dumbfoundead & Decipher

Bulgolgi and Kimchi on The Simpsons

A recent episode of The Simpsons was a take on Foodies and food blogging. It was quite hilarious as most of it was a great satire of the real thing. At one point they played a song in the tune of, "Empire State of Mind" but talking about foodies.

"Rolling into K-town...bibimbop and bulgolgi..."

Watch the video for the whole thing and feel great that Korea was mentioned. :)

Margaret Cho’s ‘Cho Dependent’ DVD release + new ‘Baby I’m With the Band’ music video

Our Neighborhoods

A recent video, by the Qiranger, goes into the neighborhood of Itaewon, which has been Paul Ajosshi's home for quite sometime. I like this video because it shows you how you can go from one interesting alley to the next and end up at some oddball places, with just a little exploration. I wrote recently about a new back alley in Itaewon that is already taking shape and getting popular, check out the post here.

Victor King’s EP Release + Party!

Concert Review + Interview: Clara C Charms NYC at Last ‘Shakin’ Off Silence’ Show

[Nov. 13] Premiere of ‘Jin’ starring Justin Chon

[Nov. 12] Dumbfoundead’s ‘DFD’ Release Party!

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