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Cookin’ gives off Good Vibes! – The New York Times

Hello, travelers to South Korea! Greetings from a member of Trazy crew! :)

Where is OZ concert hall located?

Does anyone know where OZ live concert hall is?  I know it is in Seomyeon somewhere.  I just don't know exactly where.  I think this place used to be Rock House.

There is a metal show on Sat. I want to see, so please help me :)

‘We Need a Little Christmas’

The Holidays are full of traditions and being away from home this time of year has me clinging to some of the traditions I can replicate overseas.  Today I was talking with a friend about things we watch every year and it made me realize I was overdue to watch my absolute favorite Christmas tradition: A Muppet Family Christmas.

All Day Play Day

If you missed the queer shorts shot on smart phones festival, you have another chance to see the films on December 22nd, 2012.

Queer Short: Boy Meets Boy (소년 소년을 만나다)

Gay Shorts: The Postcard (엽서)

I saw this short way back in college. Back then, I didn't know hardly anything about Korea, but I thought it was a cute film.

Queer Short: A Crimson Mark

While I don't often watch feature films, Korea luckily has a lot of queer shorts. Not only can these films be enjoyed without sacrificing the greater part of an evening, they also are available on youtube. The joys of living in the 21st century... I'll try to find these shorts and include links to the clips on this blog.

5 Awesomely Awesome Things: Travel Songs Edition

I love making playlists.  I love trying to find perfect songs to fit certain moods, and I love a good theme.  A goodbye party, a mix for flying back home from Korea, or even a ‘6-am during a Chicago Winter and I have to go to work pump up’ mix, I will gladly craft a playlist to help enhance any occasion or mood (or at least I’ll try my hardest to do so). So I wanted to share some of my favorite travel songs that are almost always on any travel themed playlist I make.


1. “California”- Joni Mitchell:

Film: Road Movie (로드 무비)

I haven't talked about a Korean queer film in a long while; mostly because I don't like devoting two hours to a film. I'm more of a TV show or two in the evening...
Anyway, last night I told myself I was going to watch a Korean film. Korean language practice, culture, and entertainment rolled up into one. Add the queer factor, and it should have made a pretty good night. Unfortunately, Road Movie (2002) is a bit of disappointment. The first scene, however, is great.

Drum beating and twirling: Video

So energetic and colorful, it certainly was mesmerizing. 

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