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I don’t even want to look at how it has been since I last posted here.  In my half-hearted defense, I have posted somewhat more frequently at the Creativiti Project.


I do want to keep writing here and I have some big changes in my life coming up; changes which definitely fit with the title of this blog. Further, I need to plan for 2013 and set some goals and what better place to such a personal activity then on a blog read by …some.


First though, a short post today with some humourous photos.

My son and I were rollerblading in the apartment’s parking lot and we found a sign that I read at “Ee ba to hae 2000″.  If you have the Hangeul character set, it was “이바토해2000″.  My son says that doesn’t mean anything, but I have photographic evidence.









This must be a plant

With one line of four words in which every word is mis-spelled,  I have to wonder if it is deliberate.

I tried to obscure the website URL, but if you want to see the sign, look near the McDonald’s at Naeng-jeong Station in Busan.

And if you need a Well-being Internet Zone, well give it a try.


"Met a Trucker out of Philly had a nice long..."

Yesterday during a Dictation Exercise (yes my Kindergarteners have to do Dictation Exercises) I found this as one of the answers.

Now as beginning writers and spellers, I tell them that for Dictation that spelling doesn't matter, as long as it is something close to what the word should be, but this one made me giggle. 

Instead of 'talked' one of my kids wrote 'toke'.  I didn't want to draw attention kid for trying and making an honest mistake, but I still couldn't help myself and took a picture of it while my kids were out of the room.

From Busan with Love,

Sighns II: the Next Chapter

I've had more than a few requests for another round of Sighns, so I've been keeping my eyes open for some really awesome ones just for you.


Korea really does have a lot of English signage. Definitely a lot more than I had originally expected.  And a lot of the time it's perfectly fine... and other times it's not. 

Sometimes you come across a sign so wrong that there's nothing more you can do except take a picture and share some giggles with the world. 

Make-up shops in Korea are almost the same...

I feel like this one pops up frequently amongst residents of Busan, but it's too good to not include:

‘Bo’s, not Bows, in the rivers

I sometimes worry that my voc…., my vocb.., my word-bank-in-head-thing is failing as I spend too much time in Korea.  At other times, such as this, possibly appropriate words that are very technical and arcane are used very nonchalantly in newspaper articles.


The Dong-A Ilbo has such an article with the offending term right in the title.  To my surprise, it’s term  that I want to know.

Typos: not limited to my blog

On occasion, I’ve joined the ex-pat chorus in commenting on interesting English spelling on Korean signs.  Usually, at the same time, I would offer a disclaimer of sorts for the interesting spelling in this very blog.

Such typos have now been codified: Muphry’s Law

Muphry’s Law is the editorial application of the better-known Murphy’s Law. Muphry’s Law dictates that:

perhaps certain clothing choices are to blame

I saw the name for these stockings and the obvious joke came to mind.

I know no woman is ever asking for it, but did nobody in the marketing chain that lead to this name have enough English to understand the idiom?

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