Find a Job Teaching English in Korea Through the Red Dragon Diaries

Three years have come and gone. I’m still here in Korea, and my time here has been filled with so many events and happenings, I can’t even begin to recall them.

One thing is for sure though, I started this blog while I was sitting in my dorm room for orientation and somehow I kept it going this long. I also made a bunch of videos on YouTube. If there’s one thing that the blog and YouTube channel did is they brought in many questions and comments from prospective teachers about how they too could get started teaching abroad in a country like South Korea.

Non-ESL Jobs

Hey all,

I'm getting sick of teaching English for those understandable reasons. I want to keep working here though and I find something else to do. I've found my first job off Dave's ESL Cafeand then just used my recruiter  for new gigs. Dave's doesn't post anything but ESL stuff.  What else is out there? Is it even possible to get something non-ESL related? Do I need to get married to a Korean?



Has anyone run into this problem? (ARC & blood work time limits)

I lived in South Korea last year with no issues getting my medical check, ARC card and medical insurance. This year I'm going through the process again because I went home for a while and have returned on a new Visa.

Now on my second year, My first week I went to the hospital to get my blood work done. One week later I recieved the "all's good" and went to the immigration office in Busan. They said that it will take one month to get the ARC card. Got the ARC card today, Now the Education office says they need my ARC card and blood work that is NO MORE than one month old. So 1 week waiting for results + 4 weeks waiting for my ARC card = 5 weeks. Officially my bloodwork is to old to submit to the education office. 

ATEK Presidential Transition Webast

89:56 minutes (41.17 MB)
ATEK Presidential Transition Webast 
August 26, 2010

Participants: Greg Dolezal (outgoing president), Oh Jae Hee(incoming president) Rob Ouwehand , Chris Backe, & Jeff Lebow

Korea’s Captain Planet and other jobs.

The world is still reeling from the economic crisis. Unemployment in the US is just under 10%, England and France  are not far behind with almost 8% (April 2010). Greece’s economy has been in turmoil with a rescue package drawn up to save them. And what of Korea? Their unemployment is almost half of England at 3.8% (April 2010), so what are they doing different? With electronic giants Samsung and LG, car manufacturers KIA and Hyundai, they are contributing to Korea’s expanding workforce with their desire for a bigger global share in their respective markets.

One way to keep unemployment low in a country is to remove all bins in populated areas, that way people are either forced to carry their rubbish further, therefore increasing their journey or they can drop it.

Teachers dismissed for political affiliation and unionism

MEST dismisses 134 public school teachers
The dismissal is generating controversy as a disciplinary measure enacted during the indictment period of an investigation before teachers have been proven guilty
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Teaching Salaries

 Please use this forum thread to post any comments about teacher salaries.  These can be general thoughts or refer to specific ads.  General posting polices (no insults, rudeness, etc.) still need to be maintained.  For general job advice, please post in the  Job Seeking Advice thread. 

General Job Seeking Advice

 What advice do you have for those looking for work in Korea?  What are things to watch out for and how can people find reputable employers?

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