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Cancellations, Evacuations and Apology-Cake

Today has been a strange day. My Thursdays generally alternate between being incredibly quiet, with one first and one second grade lesson (both of which I’ve taught a lot this week already) and incredibly trying, with 3 consecutive third grade lessons (the lesson I haven’t taught yet) plus a 45-minute struggle with the worst behaved of all my classes.

Life in Korea: emergency evacuation plans from South Korea

This was originally published on ChrisinSouthKorea.com in 2010. 

April 2013 Koreabridge update includes some fixed broken links.  If anyone has additional information, please comment below. 

UPDATED 3 June 2010: Additional information from the Irish embassy added.

UPDATED 27 May 2010: More information about Canada's plans - HT to Len in the comments - and additional information about plans for Americans not in Seoul.

With tensions between North and South Korea being what they are, it's a good idea to be aware of your country's evacuation plans - or to make them yourself.

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