Choo Choo Cats Giveaway + Jetoy USA Launch!

Those of you that read my blog know that I am a HUGE fan of the Korean brand Choo Choo Cats by Jetoy~ arguably one of Korea’s cutest original brands that had found a fair share of success abroad in places like Japan!  Well I have wonderful news for fellow fans, Choo Choo Cats is FINALLY getting proper USA distribution at last!  YES!!!

Spring Outfits in Seoul

Here is a belated post of some early spring outfits I happened to snap while it was still brisk outside!  It took forever for Korea to get warm this year so I was wearing jackets and long sleeves for what seemed like forever D:

Pastel hobo outfit from my trip to Japan ^^

Spring Blooms at Boramae Park 보라매공원 with Milk

At long last the Cherry Blossoms 벚꽃 bloomed in Korea!  They came quite late this year because winter seemed to hang around forever! Korea has many places to view them, but one of our favorites is actually right next door to my apartment, Boramae Park 보라매공원!

Studio “Nemo” in Hongdae ~ My first Korean Photo Studio Visit!

Ever wonder how so many Koreans have such pretty photos?  Even online shop photos on places like G-market always look so lovely and professional, right??  Well this is all thanks to the numerous rental photo studios throughout Korea 렌탈 스튜디오!  Korean Photography Rental Studios are a bit different from portrait & ID studios because they are usually a building of several rooms with settings that you can photograph in!

Cute in Korea’s 1st Birthday & Fanart Contest Winners!

So as of this month, Cute in Korea is officially 1 year old! The last year went by so quickly, and I think a lot of it was thanks to this site because it kept me busy!!

Milk is also 1 year old as well~ look how tiny he used to be, just like the blog *_* ehehe ♥

K-Fashion Inspiration ♥ Black Stripes for Summer

Recently Elle Korea did a very cute style spotlight featuring some comfy, yet sexy outfits!  These feel super Korean (style-wise) so if you need some inspiration~ here you go! ♥ According to the magazines here stripes are the “fashion hit” atm~ seems to be subtle in these outfits, but I see them! :D



Giving the Korean Consumer What She Wants?

No attempt at analysis this time: most readers are probably well aware of why I would choose to highlight this photoshoot of Shin Min-a (신민아) and Jamie Dornan from the September edition of Elle Korea here! If not, then see here for starters, but if you’re looking for something more academic, then consider this post [...]

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