Hey I'm lookin for one of those electronic handheld dictionaries!  English to Korean.


Anyone know where a good spot to look for like electronics would be?



Yongsan Electronic Market ♥ 용산전자

Preparing for a Korean Goodbye: Don’t leave my friends out of this.


Time is running out, so please stop saying, “Yeah, we will have to do that some weekend.” I have exactly 6 weekends left in Korea and each is pretty much full from 8pm on Friday until late Sunday afternoon. I am lucky in that many of my friends in Korea are also leaving close to my departure date. Most of us are in a rush to eat lots of kimchi, find Psy socks to bring home and most importantly soak up each others awesomeness before some depart for homes scattered all over the globe and others remain in Korea. And oh yeah, I still have to find the confidence to make a jjimjilbang date. Umm, a little help please?

Shipping Electronics

Hi, everyone. I'm getting ready to head home and I just bought a PS3 I obviously want to take with me, but I'm told the postal service won't ship it. Is that true? I've heard it either has something to do with Customs or insuring it. Has anyone had experience with this? Do I really have to carry thing thing in my bag with on on the way home? I think DHL has an office here in Busan, but I've also heard they're a bit pricey; pricier than the postal service would be. Anyone know how I can get this thing back to the states without carrying it in my bag? Thanks very much, everyone.

Cute Korean Keyboard

One thing I love to make cute is my electronics!  Sometimes its possible to find pretty colored laptops or get computer desktops made with adorable shells at the electronics market, but unless I want to pay through the teeth~ usually I’m stuck with black.  I had to leave my large desktop setup back in the states, so after moving I needed to grab a laptop for semi low cost that would get the job done for me while I lived here.  Of course I got stuck with poopy black/grey since white or pink was wither insanely expensive or did not have the power that I needed to run my software. BAH!  What is a cheap way to make my laptop cute???

CNE Direct, Inc


CNE Direct, Inc.  ---  Looking for a Western Expat in Seoul

We are a successful, fast-growing American broker/distribution company.  Our business is buying & selling Computer Components, with a focus on Corporate Hardware Re-distribution.  Our company is Headquartered in USA, with sales offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, and India.   We have distribution centers in USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

We are looking for an ambitious, sales-minded Western Expat, living in Korea.  Top performers.  This is a very good opportunity for the right candidate.

Jon-David Allen
Director Asia Operations

Destination: World IT Fair (COEX Mall, Seoul)

Author’s note: this post exclusively features a new – well, new to me – lens. Specifically, it’s a manual focus Vivitar VMC 70mm-210mm Series 1 f/3.5 with a macro mode. It only works in manual mode with my Nikon D80, so I used this fair as a chance to play with exposure, ISO, aperture, etc. If this is Greek to you, please recognize the irony of attending a IT fair showcasing the latest and greatest tech with a lens probably created around the time I was born.

The ‘World IT Fair’ is a misnomer – with few countries outside of Korea represented, it’s an ‘international’ fair at best and Korea-dominated in truth. If you’re a fellow geek, you probably made it while it was open – a few days after the event has closed, I’m here to say one thing:

You didn’t miss much.

Too Much Electronics

"Maybe I need one more lab coat. This one is too much electronics." 

- Bao Kong, referring to his lab coat's static electricity.

The past week could be appropriately described as warmly stimulating in scientific aspects while mind-numbingly cold outside. I think the two have balanced each other out for a fairly consistent overall experience.

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