Band Ryeong Gyo (밴드 령교) Album Release Show

This is a Busan band that I just happened to stumble across on youtube. I’d never heard of them or seen them before but it seems they have quite a following and their sound is unique and fresh. They are called Band Ryeong Gyo… quite a mouthful for western tongues, and quite an earful too. This might be too obscure a reference: If anyone remembers the electronic rock band Defector Frequency a few years ago… they sound like that but cooler. I can say that because Defector Frequency doesn’t exist anymore… and that isn’t cool at all.

<EXIT> Social Underground #6

Saturday, July 7, 2012 - 23:00

Come and celebrate a strong six months of Social Underground at Exit. Lewis Anthony and Raico will be at the helm leading the electronic shenanigans. This month, the duo will be joined by Aaron Cho.

Exit once again provides the perfect setting. There's no luxurious VIP area, no outrageous drink prices, no dress code, and certainly no cover. This is a party about the music and the music only.

"I've been nothing but impressed by the duo's track selection and DJing abilities and can only recommend this night for those seeking quality electronic music in one of Seoul's most playful and sweaty spots." Sebastien Rousset, 10MAG.COM

"Exit, the dirty garage bar near Hongdae Park, is one of our favorite venues in Seoul - mostly because it's the only place we know we're guaranteed to find decent music on a night out. this is especially true at Social Underground." Loren Cotter, CHINCHA.CO.UK

<EXIT> Social Underground #4

Saturday, May 5, 2012 - 23:00

Social Underground is back at Exit for another round of electronic shenanigans. Lewis Anthony and Raico will at the controls all night long to provide a soundtrack that will not only move your body, but your mind and soul.

Exit once again provides the perfect setting. There's no luxurious VIP area, no outrageous drink prices, no dress code, and certainly no cover. This is a party about the music and the music only!

For directions, click here.

For more information and two exclusive mini mixes from Lewis Anthony and Raico, click here.


[[maundrie fox]]

 It’s the jam you have been waiting for. Perfect listening for the following situations: studying, relaxing, jamming, chilling, walking, hiking, spring cleaning, and bicycle riding. It is not limited to these activities. Trust me! It involves foxes.


M A U N D R I E   F O X 


Club Fix

Introducing a new clubbing experience in Korea, Club Fix Nightclub & Day lounge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Featuring the hottest International Guest DJs every Friday & Saturday nights in a luxurious 'clubbers paradise'.

A spacious dancefloor and massive crystal clear LED screen provide the eye candy as our brand new Funktion One soundsystem tickles your listening gear.

The spacious setting on 2 floors offers 100 tables, lounges, private rooms and an exclusive VIP Bar.

Our day lounge boasts an impressive setting for all occasions with live performances, bands, DJs and VJs providing a friendly, fun atmosphere around the clock.

The Day Lounge offers a tantalizing Italian inspired menu and exotic cocktail list till 10pm weekdays.

For reservations please call- (051) 905-5777

Question from a reader: technology and electronics in Korea?

EDIT - 24 August 2010 - Added directions to another shopping place, fixed a link, and corrected some information. See the comments for the full story.

A reader writes in:

Hi Chris,

A friend of mine showed me your blog a while and I gotta say I love it! Thanks for taking the time to catalog your days for the person interested in traveling to Korea. My question is about South Korea and electronics. First, how technologically inclined is Seoul and the surrounding cities?

I am planning my move there soon, and electronic devices are very vital to my life(aka, I'm a huge nerd, haha). I have a pretty pricey phone, a custom computer, and a standard iPod, all of which I exhaust daily. Will I have to shell out for a new phone, etc.? Or can I take my babies with me?


Live Music at Crossroads and Soul Trane in PNU

Saturday, July 17, 2010 - 20:00

6 bands at Crossroads and Soul Trane near Pusan National University:

Gunamgwayeo Riding Stella

Yamagata Tweakster

Sunday Losers

Psycho Rockets

Cosmic Comics


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