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Getting Your Documents in Order


Important update on E-2 visa regulations

As you may have seen on Gusts of Popular Feeling, we're finally getting some clarification regarding the new visa regulations for the E-2 teaching visa. This should come as no surprise to those who know Korean ways, but that clarification had to be specifically asked for, as seemingly none had come on its own. Credit for receiving the clarification goes to professor Ben Wagner for asking the big question.

The verbiage coming from Korean Immigration is a bit dense:

Am I Qualified to Teach in Korea?

Qualifications Required for Teaching English in Korea

Degree diplomaSo you are fascinated by this idea of teaching English in Korea. Great! But before you go diving into your hunt, it’s a good idea to make sure you will be eligible for a great job in Korea. To qualify for job teaching English in South Korea, you have to fulfill three main requirements.

South Korea’s Robotic Crutches

Engkey, the ESL Foreign Teacher KillerI’m continually worried that the US imparted to the ROK the wrong culture of technological quick fixing. Case in point: robots.

I don’t know why the ROK Prime Minister’s Office and the Justice Ministry are even bothering with rationalizing the country’s E-2 visa programEngkey is out to make foreign humans irrelevant.

The trials and errors at the Korea Institute, a wooded top-security compound for the country’s best scientific minds, represent South Korea’s ambitious robotic dreams.

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