Just say “Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice” to escape the Korean winter.

As I’ve said before, I’m not crazy about the cold. Yes, I’m from New England, but no, I don’t really ski, so winter for me is about the first magical snow (just one please, that’s enough) and then of course the oh so mature Christmas countdown. Sometimes January and February can leave me in a kind of funk. But this really hasn’t been the case in Korea.

drinks in korea

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

When I was in Hong Kong recently, I drank milk tea everyday because it was so delicious!  I made sure to watch how they made it, so I could copy it back at home.  Milk tea is a dreamy blend of creamer, simple syrup, and strong brewed tea.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Servings: 1


-1 cup hot water

-1 tea bag (Lipton Yellow Label is authentic, ceylon or earl grey work well, but any black tea is fine)

-1 1/2 Tbls light coffee creamer, powder (unsweetened original)

-1 1/2 Tbls unflavored coffee syrup (simple syrup)


Egg Nog

The following post is a guest post by my friend Stephen Elliott.  This recipe is not low-fat, but it’s definitely worth the splurge for the holidays, give yourself a treat!

Egg nog is a huge part of my family tradition. I didn’t even bother to check if the stores in Korea carry it. They wouldn’t do it right anyway. This is exactly how I remember it, though if you can find Nutmeg anywhere… well, let’s just say that it’s nice, but not necessary. If you find a nice rum or scotch, go ahead with that too.

Egg Nog

Egg Nog

Servings: About 8 – 8oz glasses


-4 Eggs

Green Tea Latte

With only 3 ingredients, this simple latte tastes like the ones you get at coffee shop.

Green Tea Latte1

Green Tea Latte

Servings: 1


-1 tsp green tea powder

-2/3 cup milk ( I used low-fat)

-3 tsp honey


1) Mix the green tea powder and honey with about 2-3 tbls hot water.

Super Easy Pumpkin Spice Latte

This super simple recipe uses instant pumpkin tea and coffee mixes to create my favorite cold weather coffee-shop specialty.

Servings: 1


-2 packets Maxim 1/2 calorie coffee mix (Mocha Gold or Original)

-1/2 packet Korean pumpkin tea mix (I found it was too thick if I used a whole packet)

-1/4 tsp cinnamon

-a pinch (1/16) tsp nutmeg (if you can find)

-1/8 tsp ground ginger

-1 tsp instant coffee granules (optional- if you want a stronger coffee flavor, which I like)

-2 Tbls milk (optional, adds a richer flavor)

- 200 ml (just over 3/4 cup) hot water


Japanese Cocoa with Korean Kitty Goodies

This week I bought a new really cute kitty mug and some amazing Japanese hot cocoa mix from the store. Since it was imported it was not cheap, so I kept my fingers crossed that it would be yummy!  I really like hot cocoa (yeah I know it is summer, I like ice choco milk too! lol) but here in Korea most of the shops make it all watery and gross.

New sparkling ICE drinks in Korea

Recently my local convenience store has started to stock a brand new brand of drinks called ICE Sparkling!  The flavors being sold are apple, peach, grape, and cream soda which sounds a little strange to some I am sure, but creamy soda-ish drinks are fairly popular here.

DIY Lipton Sparkling Tea Kit from E-mart

So the other day I decided to wander around E-mart and discovered this awesome “kit” in the grocery section to make Sparkling Lipton Tea!  Ok it is nothing AMAZING, but it is a clever idea… clever enough to get me to spend around 5,000 won anyway.

Adorable Alcohol

Adorable Alcohol in Korea!  Newest will be added to the top! ♥

I saw this add in Hongdae for flavored Makgeolli rice wine (pineapple, kiwi, lemon, etc!)

I love flavored soju like this, but I wonder how 막걸리 tastes like this (O_o)

Cute Coffee in Korea

Some of the adorable Coffee and Hot Choco drinks I have sipped on here!

I will keep adding to this post  and put new ones at the top as I find them ^^

caffe pascucci's Strawberry Macaroon Latte!

Caffe Pascucci’s Strawberry Macaroon Latte! ♥

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