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Who's pretending to be a boy?
Korean Gender Care- Queer Corner: Violence in a Label- - 마짜, 때짜, 올

“I’m a Korean Girl”

Despite its title, this is simply a classic rendition of the way young women typically behave in Korean dramas.

The flip-side of the aegyo (애교) phenomenon, that behavior is precisely why I don’t watch them too, and have a real concern about the effects on my 2 daughters as they grow up seeing it every time they turn on the TV.

But don’t get me wrong: the video’s hilarious, and thanks very much to @Mentalpoo for passing it on!^^

Real & Presumed Causes of Racism Against Interracial Couples in Korea

( Sources – left: GR X Hermark; right )

Over at a recent post on Noona Blog: Seoul, an excellent blog written by a Swedish woman in a relationship with a Korean man, currently there’s several interesting comments about the sources of racism often directed ag

Ah! (아!) by After School (애프터스쿨): Lyrics & Translation

What a Difference a Region Makes

( Source: The Japan Foundation )

With thanks to Philip Gowman of London Korean Links for bringing it to everyone’s attention, I’m literally ordering this book as I type this just for the Korea-related chapters alone!

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