Uh oh! They were too noisy. ㅋㅋㅋ #koreaschool #smoe #discipline

Uh oh! They were too noisy. ㅋㅋㅋ #koreaschool #smoe #discipline

Last Two Weeks in Korea - Student Liberation, Euro-Image, & Chaebol Penetration

1. National
  1) Students in Seoul got liberation?
   Seoul Education Superintendent Kwak No-hyun proclaimed the controversial students’ human rights ordinance that bans any kind of corporal punishment, continuing his clash with the central government and many parents and teachers nationwide. It took effect immediately in all elementary, middle and high schools in Seoul. It prohibits discrimination against students based on gender, religion, age, race, whether they are pregnant or because of their sexual identity. The ordinance allows students to stage rallies and loosens dress and hair codes in schools. The most controversial part of the ordinance is the banning of corporal and verbal punishments, which many parents and teachers say will lessen teachers’ authority and lead to students getting out of control. Critics say that Kwak does not understand the realities in the class rooms. 
The leftist Mr.Kwak was released from four months in jail last week after being fined 30 million won for election bribery last year, and he is the head of education in Seoul. Paris Hilton preaching teenagers to keep virginity until marriage ……  

ARKPop Episode 44 - Oppa Didn't Mean It

81:56 minutes (37.51 MB)


I’m surprised that at 44 episodes that’s the first time I had the opportunity to use that title.

Download Episode 44 (right click and save as)


mean teacher

Who would have thought, as much of a pain in the ass as I was to my teachers in school, that I would turn into that strict teacher who doesn't put up with your bullshit and kicks you out of class! (The fact that I have to kick a 4th grader out of class in the first place is an entirely different story.) I never thought it would be me, I figured I would be the 'cool teacher' that everyone liked. While I am cool and fun and most my kids like me (probably just because I have blonde hair though) there are times when I find myself totally frustrated with a student and I lose that cool for a minute, just a minute, until the somber looking kid nods and pays attention again. Yes, I have made a couple students cry, (in my defense it is usually not my fault, they are just way too sensitive and have cried even when I am being nice) but that is rare and I am not a monster, I feel terrible about it afterwards.

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