Destination: Burlesque (WARNING: NSFW)

Now that I have your attention, this post should be considered NSFW - teachers, don't scroll down while there's kiddies - or bosses - around. You have been warned. The Frills and Thrills Burlesque Review featured several appropriately-named ladies strutting their stuff in the classic Burlesque way. Showing off lots of skin wasn't on tap, but being sensual and naughtier than normal certainly got

Destination: Guryongsa / Chiaksan National Park (Wonju city, Gangwon-do)

Called 'the weekend gateway for residents of the Seoul Metropolitan Area', Chiaksan National Park covers 181 square kilometers just east of Wonju. The focus here is on Guryongsa, the temple inside the park. Literally 'Nine Dragon Temple', Guryongsa has a wonderful legend behind its name - and the temple's creation. Buddhist Master Ui Sang left the Wonju area and headed for the Chiaksan mountain

Destination: Gossi cave (Gangwon-do)

Just a few of the beautiful fall colors along the way.My friend Rob from fellow K-blog Roboseyo was kind enough to include me on his recent Gangwon-do trip. After our excursion to Jangneung and nearby Bodeoksa, we found our way to Gossi cave (고씨 동굴, or Go-sshi dong-gul) not too far away.The name comes from Go, the name of one Korean family that stayed here when the Japanese invaded in 1592, and '

Destination: Seoul Lantern Festival (2010)

UPDATED 14 Nov 2010 - the festival has been extended until November 21st. See the Joongang Daily article for more information.CORRECTED x2 9 Nov 2010 - thanks to Andrew in the comments for additional information.CORRECTED 8 Nov 2010 - thanks to Sara Sonsaengnim in the comments for additional information.The Lady in Red and I were dragging a bit Saturday night. After seeing some friends and a Tom

Destination: Jangneung and Bodeoksa (Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do)

Above - built in 1973, this pavilion celebrates Park Chung-won - the magistrate of Yeongwol county in 1541 who had a vision to rebuild the tomb and hold memorial services. Just like the other Joseon Dynasty tombs in Korea, this site is a UNESCO World Heritage.My friend Rob (AKA the K-blogger Roboseyo) and I had the opportunity to trek a couple hours east to Gangwon-do. Although the destinations

Destination: Irish Ceili Dance / Music Festival (2010)

Put on by the Irish Association of Korea, the Irish Ceili offered a chance to appreciate a wonderful tradition of music and dance. Held in an excellent location - the Daesung Plaza in Insa-dong - the hundreds in the crowd had a chance to join in the festivities as well as watch them. Start with a cup of 'Irish' tea and popcorn (not exactly standard fare for the Irish culture), then grab a chair and settle in.

What do the Rocky Horror Picture Show and kimchi have in common? (or - a review of the RHPS show)

I'm happy to report the Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS) is as advertised - with dialogue in English (and a bit in Korean), the show offers much of the dialogue and songs you know and love from the cult classic. A few differences are evident to make this version a bit more 'PG-13' than 'R', and the majority of the crowd (probably) spent more time watching the screen showing the Korean subtitle than the action on stage.

Destination: Golden Splendors - The Royal Tomb of Silla (National Museum of Korea, Seoul)

Once buried under tons of rock and dirt, this exhibition of (mostly) authentic relics from Korea's Silla Dynasty is given new life - and exhibit space - decades after they were first discovered. Dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries, they tell the stories of kings and queens, burial rituals, and the handing of power from dead to living. Since the tomb's excavation in the 1970's, there hasn't been much seen by the public.

Destination: Sambul-am / Mangwolsa (Namsan, Gyeongju)

Author's note: A huge thanks and shout-out to Sherwin over at for showing the Lady in Red and I around during our visit.

Destination: Manbulsa (Yeongcheon city, Gyeongsangbuk-do)

Author's note: A hat tip to Sherwin at for writing about this temple first.

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