Black Sesame and Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Jam-Filled Bundt Cake

Haap: Traditional Korean Dessert Cafe in Cheongdam

Keep Calm & Bake Macarons

12 Nov 2015 | Seoul, South Korea —

The first time I had macarons was way back in February 2012. I tried them at a well-known, yet overrated dessert shop in Davao, right after Danny and I had dinner. They had bright yellow, orange and green colors, which are very unlikely used by other bakeries. Since then, I developed a love for this delicate pastry, though I haven’t tasted the perfect one ever yet.

Slice & Bake Cookies – Watermelon Slices

Check out my Daily Bread n Butter post for this Slice & Bake Cookies – Watermelon Slices recipe!

Slice and Bake Watermelon Cookies

Sweetened Condensed Soy Milk

It has been a while since I published a post since I am now back in America.  I am excited to share my sweetened condensed soy milk recipe.  It can be used in any recipe in place of the canned/bottled condensed milk such as my Thai Iced Tea recipe or even a tres leches cake!  You can control the sweetness, which is what I really appreciate about making my own.  I hope you give it a try :-)

Condensed Soy Milk

Sweetened Condensed Soy Milk

Servings: makes about 1 1/2 cups


Korean Sweet Rice Cake ‘Samoas’

Korean sweet rice cakes (gyungdan) are traditionally filled with red bean paste and coated in different grain or bean powders.  I created this rice cake recipe by chance when I was experimenting with different fillings and coatings and wound up with one that tastes like the famous ‘samoas’ girl scout cookie!  However, they are much healthier.  There are many types of Korean rice cakes, but this one is the easiest as it does not require ‘pounding’ with a pestle.  You simply make the 4-ingredient dough and boil the rice cake balls.  This particular version is filled with Nutella and coated with toasted coconut…yum!  Feel free to create your own unique variations.

Korean Rice Cake

Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰- Strawberry Cake

A few months ago I featured the very cute bakery in Hongdae~ Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라윰! Check out the original post for lots of pretty photos of the beautiful treats the bake plus a cookie haul!

Slice & Bake: Asian Tea Cookies

In this Neapolitan-style cookie, Asian flavors of chocolate, roasted soybean and green tea are layered and then dipped in white chocolate.  These decadent cookies are perfect with tea or coffee.

Asian Tea Cookies

Slice & Bake: Asian Tea Cookies

Servings: About 50 Cookies


-1/2 cup butter (1 stick), at room temperature (soft)

-1 1/4 cups sugar

-1/4 cup milk, at room temperature

-1 egg

-2 tsp vanilla extract (or 5-7 drop of vanilla concentrate)

-1/2 tsp baking soda

-1/4 tsp salt

-1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour

-1 1/4 cups white wheat flour

-2 Tbls cocoa powder

-3 Tbls roasted soybean powder

Molly’s Pops 몰리스팝스 ~ Fun Flavored Ice Pops in Hongdae!

Do you like ice cream in yummy flavors like brownie or chocolate mint?  What about Powdered Soybean, Beer, Makkoli, Wasabi, or Cheese???  If this sounds like a fun food adventure for you, let me introduce you to a Korean blogger favorite~ Molly’s Pops in Hongdae!

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