Cool Places in Seoul! Izakaya Zushio in Sincheon, Jamsil-dong Redesign: Travel the best part of Korea via Trazy 2.0

Travel the best part of Korea

via Trazy 2.0

trazy renewal

What’s new?

The 5 Big Changes or Improvement we shall say…

1. Search by District.

Now you can search for travel destinations by district (such as Gangnam area, Hongdae area etc) in Seoul and Busan.

Korean Injected Muscle Car


 A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something: “this iron-jawed icon of American manhood”.
In terms of iconic esteem and revere, there are few people that live up to the status of an iconic automobile…in my opinion of course ;) Seriously….if on some idle Thursday I happened upon Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey walking hand in hand down my street directly in front of a parked Ferrari F40….theres a good chance that my complete disregard for them would seem quite rude as my attention would be rightfully placed on the Italian. Like people, iconic cars transcend generations….but unlike people, you don’t need to know that much about them to appreciate their beauty. Well, if we’re talking swimsuit models I suppose my entire point is shot.

::::featured artist:::matt ferguson::::


a. favorite art material-  Pentel brush pen

b. places of inspiration {shops, nature, places, etc}- Places of inspiration tend to be design or illustration galleries for me. That’s where I see the kind of work that I aspire to produce the most.

Mascot Spotting in Korea

One thing almost every business seems to have in Korea is a cute Mascot Character!  Each one is always so cute and fun, but they are often overlooked on the busy street~ so I am here to share my findings with you! ♥ Many of these characters are used for restaurants~  Korean fried chicken, BBQ, and Fish places love to make characters of the critters you will be eating… its slightly disturbing to have a happy cow waving you in to eat beef though lol!

♥ ♥ ♥

Please enjoy this showcase of Korean mascot characters and as I come across new ones I will add them to this post on the top!

Glass, Metal & Design

An Illustrated History of Family Planning in Korea

In the aftermath of the Korean War, the young South Korean Republic faced an influx of over two million refugees from North Korea and a post-war baby boom with a fertility rate of 5 births per woman. The population was growing at a 3% rate each year and fear arised about the country's limited land resources. As a result, the Planned Parenthood Federation of Korea (PPFK) was created in 1961.

Retro Korean Horror Movie Posters

Even though Korean cinema has only enjoyed international recognition since recently, the history of the peninsula's cinematographic industry goes back to the early twentieth century. Horror films started to emerge as a genre in the sixties and remained popular until today. As you'll see from the movie posters below, the stories almost invariably centered around a revengeful female ghost who came back among the living to wreck havoc.

Korean Fire Prevention Posters

Vintage Korean Matchboxes

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