baking is science for hungry people - cake pops

Isn’t it nice when you stop by a friend’s house on a Sunday afternoon and they pop open a bottle of wine and start doing this?

The lady that runs Jumbo Empanadas and I are old friends back from my county days. She has always been a go-to for ridiculously delicious food, which is a quality I deeply admire in a friend.

add this to that .... lentil soup

Add this ....

With a little of this ... Ou! You pesky lemon, always jumping in all my photos!

Pretty Litttle Box BOX

Isn't my lunchbox pretty?
You'll have to go to Hawaii if you want to same same with me,
or you could just make me jealous and buy this one.

To Eat a Home

Remember how much fun making a gingerbread house was when you were young? The delicate balance of challenging building laws by affixing more candy than structurally possible to the house all the while quickly stuffing your face with icing and sweets the second your mom looked away. I remember one spectacular year my mom attempted a grand gingerbread home complete with detailed wood panelling. About half way into the construction she had already uttered all the swear words I knew, and then some I was happy to discover, only to realize that her measurements were off and that half the panelling was only visible from the inside, while the other less than perfect half would be visible, but backwards.
Why then, did I think I could handle such an endeavour this year?
At first it all went well.

The Cake

I love my family.
You love your family
We all love our families,
but sometimes,
sometimes that mostly fall around the holidays when you have to spend a few too many days under the same roof as your whole family you come to truly understand and embrace one of the fundamentals of the holidays … cocktails.

Second Time Around

It started with a little bacon, booze...

candy is dandy

In general the whole “let’s smile through six months of dark and cold and look to our crappy Tim Hortons coffee cups for nostalgic thoughts of winter” doesn’t sit well with me, especially considering there are places like Hawaii and Fiji in this world where people never need trouble themselves with proper winter boots. All this cold is enough to make me turn my nose up at Mother Nature and only address her with expletives, but no, I am Canadian, and that is not the polite thing to do. So we trudge on.

would you care if I stayed? - Hawaii

And finally it came.
It always does.
My last day.
I was a little sad, so we had a feast.

You are a little too delicious - Hawaii

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I'm Going to Eat You Up - Portland Foodcarts

Oh Portland, you are quite the town.
We’ve had some pretty delicious times together.
I can’t claim to have eaten at all of your adorable little food carts, but I have grown a little plump from a few of your bests.

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