deepwater horizon

Oil-Devouring Bugs Have Their Own Agenda

It seems to be a boon for science.

Data collected in May and June showed populations of carbon-eating bacteria were increasing in parts of a plume of oil drifting in deep water in the gulf, said lead author Terry Hazen, head of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s ecology department.

Only, it’s not certain the specially-engineered oil-devouring beasties are eating all the oil. And, having exhausted whatever supply of that oil, the bugs seemed to have turned on each other. The law of unintended consequences has come to a mutant breed of bacteria which owes its good fortune to hapless humans desperate for a miracle cure.

A Left-Libertarian Solution for BP’s Disaster (Video)

Centrism, “getting the job done”, pragmatism, whatever. I want the right response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. But, it’s not an ideological target I’m looking for. So, why then, does Byron King try to scare taxpayers with his homily on BP’s sainted role in the American economy?

And for as much as people in the U.S. are thinking this is a British company, this is really an American company as well. Out of 80,000 worldwide employees, over 30,000 are in the U.S. Of the stock market ownership, about 40 percent of BP shares are owned by — by — you know, within the U.S.

And BP is the largest oil producer in Alaska. It is half owner of the Alaska pipeline. It’s the largest oil producer in the Gulf of Mexico. Globally, BP produces over four million barrels of oil equivalent per day, which is about 5 percent of the total global world oil output.

Another Gulf Coast Tragicomedy

It’s not just BP and Deepwater Horizon that are sullying the Gulf waters. The Federal government has its own kind of skill for scandal. Again, though, I have to go with this commenter (and, this comment raises a good point before descending into rage):

After Katrina, the undocumented workers participating in the reconstruction efforts became the victims of exploitation and the targets of violence, not because they were taking jobs, but because their status left them with little legal recourse. Undocumented workers often carry large amounts of cash and don’t feel safe going to the police.

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