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My Top 3 Travel Secrets

Author's note: A hat tip to fellow travel blogger Legal Nomads for the idea, who originally got it from Katie on Tripbase.

Time to start a meme, perhaps? Or simply time to get people traveling some more? Take your pick - with the fall weather upon us, one of the best times to travel Korea is just around the corner.

My Top 3 Travel Secrets?

Destination: Wolgok Land (jimjilbang)

Author's note: this is the 2nd in a series of jimjilbang (day spas or saunas) worth visiting in Korea.

Wolgok Land (월곡건강랜드) - Don't knock a place just because it's far off the tourist track. With modern facilities, plenty of room, and some English signage, this place wins the 'most variety' award. In addition to the plentiful saunas and multiple ice rooms, there's a salt room to lay down in, a phytoncide room (산림욕방, or a slightly humid room) and a Loess oxygen room to breathe deeply in.

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