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Explore Korea through Korean Cooking Classes and Culinary Tours

Learning to cook the Korean way

For most travelers, food is a major part of their traveling plans and sometimes even the main attraction. Whether through a gourmet meal in an exclusive restaurant or a quick bite at a popular street food cart, visitors seek out their destination’s authentic foods and ultimately hope to glimpse an understanding of the local culture through food. For guests to Korea, O’ngo Food Communications provides the ultimate culinary and cultural exploration of Korea. So instead of sticking to tourist-friendly zones, you can have expert guides taking you to traditional markets, hidden restaurants and bars. Your guide will explain the culture and history as you dine and taste the real flavor of Korea.

Review: Korean Food Dictionary (iPhone / iPod)

Put together by Daniel Gray from Seoul Eats and the O'ngo Team, the Korean Food Dictionary app offers a great look at Korean foods. The app isn't perfect, but it's the best on the market as of now. With over 130 different dishes described available, you won't find everything under the sun - but the most common dishes are all here.The first screen you see once the app loads is above - start with

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