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Went with Daegu Pockets to Yeongcheon and got some acupuncture at the Herb Festival

Busan, Oncheon-dong - Hurshimchung Spa

Said to be the largest hot spring spa in Asia, Hurshimchung can accommodate up to 3000 guests. It's located just up the street from Oncheon-jang subway stop on line 1. The hotel also houses a brauhaus, several restaurants, a wedding hall and a night club.  At the sauna's reception desk, you'll be given a key and instructed to pay upon leaving.  You can use this key to secure your shoes, open your locker, and pay for anything in the spa.  Towels and jjimjilbang clothes are available inside the locker room, then you can head to the sauna. 

Published! (Heosimcheong Hot Spring)

I've been amiss in posting recently, though I have visited a couple new saunas for review.  The reason for the lack of posts is that I submitted one, along with another piece, to a local magazine based in Daegu, South Korea for publication.  The article is entitled "2 Days and 1 Night in Busan" and you can find it on the 13th page of the January 2010 Daegu Pockets Magazine.

The spa article includes a review of Heosimcheong Hot Spring in Busan.  You can find more info about this spa in my next most recent post - thanks!

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