ASYAAF: Student Art Work at Hongik University

Going on till August 22nd is an Art Festival featuring young and upcoming artists alongside those who have been around longer. At Hongik University the ASYAAF (Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival) brings us artwork from different varieties and tastes. I visited this exhibition and found myself enjoying the array of artworks on display.

Itaewon's Secret: The Video

I am sure there are other secret areas of Itaewon that please the eye too, but this one is literally being made in the moment. There were buildings still under construction as I walked through there. I think this area is going to develop into one that is known for cafes, galleries and cute little shops. 

A post with pictures and more thoughts to come, in the meantime give me your reactions to this video. Also if you like it why not share it with your pals, huh?

Hongdae: Mustoy or Paint Your Own Little Happy Doll

I think there is a section of Hongdae that most people don't know about. Usually when you hear people talk about Hongdae they mention the specialty restaurants or the clubs. I've never heard anyone mention a place to go and paint your own cute little doll and have a creative experience in Korea. Then you might understand our reaction when we happened to come upon the store Mustoy.

Seoul Rain a Video

It's a little poetic and on the short side, but I like it! If you like it too why not share it with your pals. But really this video captures how the rain can make you contemplate life and all it's wonders.

Recent Artworks

JH really likes the one up there, and I call the following, "leaf flowers".

Enter Miru Kim I was browsing through Busan Haps when I noticed...

Enter Miru Kim

I was browsing through Busan Haps when I noticed an article on Miru Kim and her controversial work. I didn’t read what she’s really all about (yet), but what got me interested was her portfolio. It’s these kind of images— random— that incites my imagination and creativity and makes me want to become a better photographer. 

Foreigner Joy Portrait-i-fied

As you know I am a member of the group ArtPoli, which is attempting to bring art to the common people and also connect artists, here in Korea.

They have a section for commissioning artists to do portraits of each other. I was invited to be the first non-Korean to participate and thus have my results today. When going for the portrait to be done you select an artist out of many, and I picked one who I felt was fresh in her style and free in her execution. The artist, Kim Min Jung produced a wonderful little portrait of myself that brought a smile to my weary face today. (Was a hard day of work.)

Portrait Event for the Kolleen Park Exhibit

As part of the Kolleen Park Portrait Exhibit the organizers put on a sketching event. People were invited to come out and practice doing portraiture art.

Located at the Shinhan gallery in Yeoksam, Gangnam a small group gathered and enjoyed drawing from a live model. Mike Stewart led the way by giving us examples and pointers.

Recent Artworks

Ever since I came back to Korea, back in February, I have been itching to document my works of art from the past few years here. As you may recall I documented works from long ago while I was on vacation back in the States, but left my Korean works back in Korea. Anyways, I finally got out today during the morning hours and photographed my works. It was a bit fun trying to do this while people passed by. I did it in the park nearby where the sun was shining very well on a particular park bench.

Kolleen Park Voting Results and Upcoming Events

Recently the voting ended for the portrait art contest that is taking part by the group Artpoli. As you may recall in last month's posts I invited you all to get to know the famous Kolleen Park. I don't know if any of you voted or submitted artwork, but it looks like there was a good turn out.

The following links can show you what works of art were selected for the gallery showing.

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