Nocksapyeong Station in Black and White

Do Ho Suh @ Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art

Life Drawing at Jankura Art Space

On the way to Jankura Art Space, in Itaewon, you can enjoy walking past many antique shops. Some of which look like hold actual antiques while others just seem like old furniture stores.

The Nude Collection : Video

See video


The Cúpla Focail: words, translation, creation.

I’m no linguist, but I love language. I love how language has formed into a universal description of a particular aspect of the world that surrounds you. It’s amazing. But, I’m no expert, and I couldn’t sit here and describe why this is the case and how it happened. I don’t understand it well enough. In fact the only language I could arguably claim to understand is English. And even that level of understanding is rudimentary. But, a bit like watching science happen, this is why I love language.

Just seeing language happen and seeing it function, and then having particular aspects explained, especially things like idioms, really wets my pants with excitement. Irish people, for reasons I won’t go into now, are known for their use of language, be it the gift of the gab, poetry, or basically telling some poor misfortunate what you think of them in sixteen different ways, and none of them being either pleasant, complimentary, or suitable for young ears.

Gallery Golmok Show: Homo-Sapiens

Gallery Golmok, in Itaewon has put together another compelling show. This one being their first for the 2012 year, and so got off to a start with a buzz of artists and voyeurs. This show titled, "Homo-Sapiens" is going on till February 15th. Features several artists all wrapping their talents around the theme of a species that has changed throughout time and also a touch on what it means to live in a world heavily populated (as to what I have gathered).

First a few pictures of walking down the new cafe-shopping street on my way to the gallery.

Insadong Again and Again

There are many reasons you can head to Insadong. One for a taste of traditional food or tea. Another for the historical sites nearby or art galleries, and mostly because it is a one-stop place for souvenir shopping.

I went to Insadong recently because I needed some gifts to take with me next month when I visit my family in Florida. I arrived on a mildly cool morning when the bustle of folks weren't as heavy.

Photos: Inside the Seoul Arts Center

Photos: Nambu Bus Terminal Station

David LaChapelle @ SAC

There is an exceptional contemporary art show going on at the Seoul Arts Center featuring the photographic works of David LaChapelle. If you have ever seen the above photo at some time in your life than you might recognize other works such as:

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