Creative Korean Advertising

Creative Korean Advertising #26: I’M FREE TO BUY NIKE SHOES

Creative Korean Advertising #25: Change Your Emoticon!

Regardless of your feelings about cosmetic surgery, hopefully this will still bring a smile to your face this weekend. Thanks to reader Tobi for passing it on!^^

Update: Fellow blogger 아름답다, ah-lum-dahp-dah also noticed the ad.

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Creative Korean Advertising #24: Will They? Won’t They?

Apologies for the slow posting folks: last week, I developed a “swellbow” from writing at my computer for too long, and it’s made sleeping a little difficult, let alone blogging. And I could mention the heatwave and my daughter’s kindergarten closing for 2 weeks too, but you get the idea!

Creative Korean Advertising #23: Namdaemun Market

( Source: KOREA.NET )

Not an original concept for an advertisement by any means, but then considering Korea’s abysmal record at self-promotion then it deserves praise just for its grammatically correct English(!), let alone how aesthetically-pleasing it is.

Creative Korean Advertising #22: Bridging Korea and Japan

Bluemarine Water Korean Advertisement( Source: Ad Stars 2009 )

Despite popular perception, tap water in Seoul at least is not only perfectly safe, but is also healthier, cheaper, and better for the environment than bottled water. So why drink it?

Creative Korean Advertising #21: Seven Luck Casino

( Source: ROK Spoonful )

Created for the Seven Luck Casino in Gangnam, by the Korean advertising agency Daehong Communications. Naturally, I like the concept, but unfortunately its effect is undermined by the poor English, which is simply inexcusable considering only foreigners are allowed to gamble there.

Creative Korean Advertising #20: Quit Smoking for Her? Or for Him?

( Source: Focus Busan, 29/1/10, p. 13 )

Creative advertising by design? Or just by luck?

If you look at the large black text, it reads “Now I’m getting married, so it’s time to quit.” A noble sentiment indeed, and as there are 10 times more Korean men than women that smoke, a bride rather than a groom is the obvious choice of model.

Creative Korean Advertising #19: Underappreciated Konglish

Lotte DC Card Commercial( Source )

For all my critical analysis of Korean commercials over the years, first impressions still really last on me.

Creative Korean Advertising #18: “Keeping Couples Happily in Love for Years”

In the spirit of all the kissing suddenly being featured in Korean advertisements? Regardless, in a magazine format it’s an amusing and effective way to get an otherwise mundane product noticed. And the slogan is quite apt too, as Perioe’s original “Keeping couples happily in love for years” may well bring some alternative products to mind, neither [...]

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