Around Christmas, I like to make snow globes with my students....

Around Christmas, I like to make snow globes with my students. It’s easy to find different kinds of glass containers. You can glue figurines to the inside of the lid of the jar, but I like to laminate pictures of the students. Here are the steps to making your own:

Looove Day



Places on a Map

For my Birthday, amongst a myriad of other awesome things, (including a beautiful, handmade necklace and a punk rock chick scrub brush) my friend Heather gave me some scraps of fabric.  They're really cool patterns, and I put two of the three of them to good use.

I've seen some of these handmade cloth state or country outlines both for sale, and as craft projects online and so I decided to channel my inner Martha and get crafty.  It was really quite easy and I think it turned out great.

I'm a Rocket, Man!

The Fourth of July is not only the holiday I almost share my Birthday with, but also my favorite summer holiday.  Since you don't get the day off of work for another country's Independence Day, we decided to teach the kids about the Fourth and America. 

While trying to do some planning for the lesson, I was looking at Pinterest for some craft and/or activity ideas and came upon this awesome activity.   It had a lot of things going for it:  it was cute and interesting (+1),  it was easy enough that I didn't have to make them all myself (+5),  it took a lot of time (+10), and it used things I already had either at home or at school so I didn't have to buy anything special for it (+100).  Plus, even after we were all finished and the confetti was cleaned up they wanted to do it all over again (+1000).

Welcome to Kindergarten

Tomorrow rounds out my first week teaching at Worwick and I will say in some ways it's very different from DaeGyo, but in others it's as if nothing has changed.

This time around the class sizes are one of the biggest differences.  This year my largest class is a whopping 5 kids.  Their parents call constantly to critique everything from my handwriting to the types of assignments I give (and yes I am expected to give even my kindergarteners real homework).

tea fest!

just a few things from saturday’s lovely tea and craft festival at bexco…

lotus flower tea may be the prettiest tea on the planet.

if tea didn’t seem like mysterious alchemy before, this contraption might convince you.

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