Marmot’s Hole Podcast: North Korean Rocket

Robert Koehler and Chance Dorland discuss North Korea’s rocket launch & other recent stories.
 The duo also discuss the recent resignation of the president of Arirang TV, the English translation of praised Korean novel “The Vegetarian” and the recent security failures and other problems that have plagued Incheon International Airport.

The MERS Panic and Painfully Obvious Need to Clean-Up the Korean Regulatory State




I wrote a story about the South Korean MERS panic for this week’s Newsweek Japan (available here). Basically, I make the same argument as my friend Se-Woong Koo from Korea Expose (which you really need to start reading). The panic shows just how much South Korea needs to get its act together on public safety and competence in government.

Philippines: Too Dangerous for Koreans?

The news of the death of a Korean student in the Philippines hit the headlines this week and sparks worry about the safety of Koreans living in the country. The 21-year old student, who had been living in Manila with her brother for several years, was abducted last month. She was last seen riding a taxi in Pasay City on March 3.

Corrupt Seoul Mayor Corrupt

Please stop investigating me! I've only been on the job for four months!

Power Doesn’t Flow from the Mouth of a Politician

Rarely do I comment on South Korean domestic politics, but what does the last clause of the last sentence mean?

Immediately after the mass withdrawal of Prime Minister-designate Kim Tae-ho and other figures nominated by him for high positions, President Lee emphasized that he would take those events as a starting point for efforts to let the principles of a fair society take root not only in public officialdom but in all areas, including politics, economics, society and culture. This has prompted observations, however, that the president may be embarking on a large-scale turnaround through a drive for corrective inspection.

Is he going to get an enema?

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