Never miss an opportunity!

Thanks to a sweet blogger friend Kokila of Sunshine n Blue Clouds, I am participating in a 3 Day Quote Challenge.

I want to start off the challenge with the quote that came as a shot on the head for me. The missed opportunities, the lost chances, the untried avenues. Never again!

I would like to nominate DNambiar of Tipsy from the Trip to join in!

The art of laundry

This is how I remember my grandmother's home in Madurai: Huge play area, dining table filled with delicious food, shelves stocked with crunchy snacks and the smell of clean clothes, freshly laundered, drying in the sunlight.

Live the movies!

I am a Geminian. Colorful dreams and vivid imagination are a mandatory part of my package. Books and movies have been the vessels of transportation by which I have become a princess living in a castle, an adventuress discovering new treasures in uncharted places, and also by which I take a peek at the luxuries ways of the world. Airbnb, I believe, is about to transform all my fantasies into reality!
If you like movies and living the movies or if you are thinking of travelling for your vacation, you can get Rs.1,500 off on your rentals for your next vacation anywhere in the world through my link here.

Lady of Pemberly


This post is a part of the #WillYouShave activity at Blogadda in association with Gillette.

This cute teenage boy I know, who had recently sprouted more than-the-average-amount of facial hair, was flummoxed. He was trying to conduct the games at his little brother's birthday party. Last year his party games were a big hit with the 5 year olds thronging for his attention and enjoying every minute of the party games, even refusing to go home. This year, his cracked voice was not making any kind of impact on the kids. They were totally wild and distracted. As he was striving to get their attention, I noticed one little girl crying to her mother in the corner. As I go near her, I hear her say, "Where is Darshu Anna(brother)? Why is this uncle boring us?".

Giving is Winning: Liberty in North Korea Fundraiser

So I know you are all just itching to find out how to win the awesome gifts featured in my previous post. And now I'm here to tell you how.

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, I have decided to change things up a bit and challenge all of you to participate in a fundraising campaign I've started with LiNK, or Liberty in North Korea. After all, 'tis the season for giving.

And while many people around the world need our help, North Korean refugees are a noteworthy group. Lacking basic human rights and needs, thousands of citizens attempt to flee the country each year only to be captured and killed, tortured or sent to labor camps. Those that do manage to escape are often captured by Chinese nationals, and are exploited, abused, or sold into the sex trade along the 3,000-mile journey to a safer country.

Only 18 Hours Left!!


I am happy to be a part of this great event that not only raised about $32,396.28 (at the time of this post) for charity but put together a great, no wait HUGE!! AMAZING!! bundle of photography materials as well for the shocking low price of just $89! So why is this such a good deal and why should you listen to me when it comes to doing anything? Being an affiliate I got the chance to preview these materials and they all are amazing. I would not have written this just on the idea you might want this stuff.

Asan Folk Festival 2013!!

This time of year is always a busy season for Makgeolli, and we are only now getting the time to collect ourselves and reflect on the past few months.  Back in October we had the annual Asan Folk Village Festival weekend.  MMPK teamed up with the always awesome Susubori Academy, along with their expat brewing instructors Becca Baldwin and Dan Lenaghan, to offer a weekend of open air makgeolli classes.

Win a Free Flight over Busan with Duripara Paragliding!

Duripara Paragliding is offering free rides to two members of the Koreabridge community who really want to experience the thrill of soaring above Busan
How to win one?
A) Make your case for why you want to go paragliding over Busan.  Your pitch can be posted below as a comment in the form of text, video, and/or photos. No limits on size or format - just impress us with your desire to fly and creativity. Korean and English entries accepted. 
B) Agree to post a write-up about your experience on Koreabridge after your flight. 
All entries are due by Oct. 7
The folks at Duripara and Koreabridge will evaluate the entries and select the winners by Oct. 9.

Korean Ginseng ~ KoreaTaste Gift

Hi everyone!,

As some of you already know, I'm a huge fan of Korean Food, I love eating it and cooking it, and KoreaTaste started their blogging contest on february, which was entered by default since I was already a member of the site, this only encourage me to blog more about food!

Last month the winners were announced and I got 3rd place (YAY!), and also got selected as a winner for being a "new" member, 2 weeks ago I received an email regarding my gift being sent and this Thursday I got a huge package on the mail!

The Not So Best Chicken in The World+ An Update

This post was supposed to be about chicken. My plan was to make the best pre-contest competitor chicken recipe that I would love and love and love and be more than happy to share- but it isn’t. Or wasn’t. I mean I did make chicken this weekend, and I took photos and everything- but the recipe was in no ways amazing. No ways. So I’m not sharing it. I didn’t start a blog just to post any recipe that I used, just for the sake of posting.

So I’m writing this post to share an update. 

It’s been a little challenging keeping up with a food blog lately because I’ve actually been doing everything I can to keep my mind off food. I’ve been dieting since January, and I have to say, especially now that I’m less than 2 weeks out from my show, my food is really not exciting nor share-worthy.

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