Contemporary art

Anish Kapoor: Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

A mirror only reflects, it doesn't retain the image forever. However, Anish Kapoor's "Vertigo V & VII" made of stainless steel, do more than just reflect. They shift, morph and construe the simple view of yourself and surroundings into mind-boggling size and shape.


Typography Exhibit: Tokyo TDC Seoul 2012

Typography: known as the process or art of arranging types and printing from them. Basically evolving from writing stuff down to making it available to the masses. Certainly the history of typography is something of interest, but why not check into a gallery celebrating contemporary works in the medium?

Alternative Space Loop: Contemporary Art Space in Hongdae

With a name like "Alternative Space LOOP" and a location tucked in one of the neighborhood streets of Hongdae, I couldn't help but be enticed to visit. It was a little tricky to find (directions at the end of the post), but with a bit of map viewing beforehand I was able to find my way.

Korean Contemporary Painting: Do Song Wook (도성욱)

Do Song Wook (도성욱) is a contemporary Korean painter born in 1971 who graduated from Daegu University. His realistic landscapes are remarkable for their rendition of light and for their composition.

Korean Sculpture and Installation Art: Yong Ho Ji (지용호)

Yong Ho Ji (지용호) was born in Seoul in 1978 and studied in NYU after graduating from Hongik University (Hongdae). His work depicts mutant creatures made out of recycled tires. He started using tires because he wanted to work with his very own material and has been using the shapes and patterns of this rubber product to produce beautiful sculptures.
More info and pictures on his profile page on the Gana Gallery website.

Korean Contemporary Art: Young Hoon Ko (고영훈)

A graduate of the famous Hongik University (홍대/Hongdae), Young Hoon Ko was born in Jeju in 1952. Ko's work is known for its hyperrealism bordering on "trompe l'oeil". By representing objects with their most minute details, Ko, in the line of Magritte, questions our beliefs in authenticity and objectivity. But if his work clearly draws on Western influences, it is also the product of an almost mystical reflexion on traditional Korean aesthetic values and on the concepts of nothingness (mu 無) and existence (yu 有).

Korean Sculpture and Installation Art: Do Ho Suh (서도호)

Do Ho Suh (서도호) is a contemporary Korean sculptor and installation artist born in Seoul in 1962, the son of famous traditional Korean Painter Sae Ok Suh (서세옥). He is one of the top selling contemporary artists both in Korea and worldwide with his work typically fetching hammer prices above $50,000. He now lives and works between the States and Korea.

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