Proud of My Work

Before I ever left for Korea I was working at an Insurance Company in San Francisco. My boss was this kooky old Japanese man who lived by a lot of morals and codes. Have you ever watched Mad Men? The office was kind of like that, and even had old type writers.

While he was training me to be an Insurance Agent he would now and then pass on knowledge. This one time he told me that when you do a job you should do it right. You should do such hard work that when it comes time for you to leave (for whatever reason) the company should be sorry to see you go. At that time I was fresh out of college and with a small work history behind me. I tried my best at that job, but know I could have left it better.

Getting On Base: My Visit to Camp Casey

Located north on the blue line is the US Army Garrison known as Camp Casey. Throughout my whole time living in Korea I have never gone on any of the US Army bases here in Korea. Of course the main reason being that you can't just walk in, but need to have an Army personell escort you. Through some random act of the universe I was invited to go on base with my blogger friend Jennipal. She has a friend who works on the base and so invited me along.

The Top 9 Reasons not to Write a Top 10

Maybe you already know this…

(In no particular order of preference)

Moving On Up to the 2nd Grade

It came as a complete surprise. A text from the boss on my computer, after I returned from lunch. Requesting I come and talk to him about next semester. I replied and the next thing I knew I was up in his room learning of my near future.

Turns out all of the 2nd grade teachers are moving on next year. For each grade there is a team leader and these folks, as you can imagine, manage the show. So 2nd grade's team leader would be missing. In short, he wanted me to move up to 2nd grade Math and be the team leader.

At first, I was skeptical because I liked staying in 1st with all my materials and plans for next year.  But I was curious and so learned more of his proposal. Turns out he really needs someone to fill the 2nd grade team leader position, and felt I was best because I have experience with the kids and the school. Plus it fits that I will go into 2nd Grade Math, as the book is the same company and similar material.

Sign, Sign, Sign

Got the word I will sign my new contract next Tuesday. They are giving the resigning teachers 20 minutes each to get it done and ask any questions. I hope they give me the raise I asked for, but we will see. I'm excited as this will be my first time resigning. :)

It's a Yes!

Today I messaged my boss asking if I could know when we will talk about my contract. He said not till next week. So I asked if I could at least know a "yes" or "no" and we can talk about contract details later.

I got a "yes for you" response! Finally, the mystery is over and I can move on. What that means is now I hope to plan better for next year, however I'm not entirely sure they will keep in first gotta wait for that.

Anyways, I'm glad the wait is over. Thanks for all of your support. :)

Thirty on the Thirtieth

It's once a year and you should do something special for it. This time I was turning thirty and then I realized that it was synced with my birth date, the thirtieth. So because of this things felt extra special.

To celebrate I met up with two great pals, from this blog and this blog. My goal was to have a good meal and celebrate with some candles on top of some yummy cupcakes. All of which was accomplished at the Buddha's Belly in Itaewon. Although my tummy is a little achy now, having the Thai food was worth it.

Cheerios Found at Lotte Mart

This morning I headed to my local Lotte Supermarket to beat the Chuseok rush and also get supplies before the store was closed for the holiday. To my surprise I found Cheerios on the cereal shelf and for just 6,500 Won. Take that Foreign Food Mart in Itaewon! (Sells them for 25,000 won)

There were two choices, Honey Nut and Multi-Grain. I went for the Honey-Nut and figured I would try the other one next time.

I'm Past My 1,000th Post! Tom Video

Wow! Already I have made over 1,000 posts on this blog. I suppose it is inevitable, and so I am celebrating with the above video I made of Tom the cat. Really, though I made it because I wanted to figure out an editing technique in Final Cut Pro X. The software is a lot easier to use than previous versions, but my lack of video-editing knowledge makes things a bit tough.

My iPhone Alternative

I really thought I didn't need such a thing as an iPhone, mostly because I have an iPod and a phone and really people don't call me that much. But then my friend was snazzily working away at her iPhone looking at a map and Googling something there on the street. I thought to myself, "Maybe I could use such a thing when I go to Jeju. In case I get lost."

Thus ensued a trip yesterday to the KT headquarters in Gwanghwamun with my friend and her Korean boyfriend (who was kind enough to help me.)

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