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This time I’m not apologizing for the weak content but rather for storing links I want to check out more fully when I return to my own computer.  I guess these links seem important to me so I am attempting to provide value in my posts. The content is good, but it is not mine and I cannot comment fully upon it.

Scientific American describes instances of under and over education.  Or, about cowardly teachers and insufficiently attentive teachers: American biology teachers are avoiding evolution content and French teachers are making GMOs.

Online Educational symposium starts Friday

A 48 hour symposium about educational reform (which I take to mean updating- to include more online content) begins this Friday, American Pacific time.  I, uh, hope the time it right – it starts at 2:00pm, LA time.

From the website:

online vs in-class teaching

The National Bureau of Economic research has published an article comparing live teaching and online teaching.*

Students in a large introductory microeconomics course at a major research university were randomly assigned to live lectures versus watching these same lectures in an internet setting, where all other factors (e.g., instruction, supplemental materials) were the same. Counter to the conclusions drawn by a recent U.S. Department of Education meta-analysis of non-experimental analyses of internet instruction in higher education, we find modest evidence that live-only instruction dominates internet instruction. These results are particularly strong for Hispanic students, male students, and lower-achieving students.

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