Omg hahaha

Omg hahaha

The Sounds of the Jimjilbang

I recently mustered up enough courage for my first trip to a Korean spa, locally known as a jimjilbang. Lots of public nakedness was had by all, and I left feeling relaxed and squeaky clean. While parts of it might be a tad exaggerated for comedic purposes, this song I made pretty well captures the experience, which was great but also slightly scarring. Apologies in advance for my mediocre singing voice, ‘guess I need to hit the norebang more often. Enjoy!

The Sounds of the Jimjilbang


23 Times Your Expat Life Was Like An Episode of Friends


Looking For Seomyeon John

Back in 2003, when there were only two subway lines and every Busan traveler had to make their way through Seomyeon, there was a man named Seomyeon John. He lived in the station, and devoted his life to 'helping foreigners.' He was well known at the time, and got a cover story in the foreigner magazine that came before Haps. But I haven't seen him in a decade, and can't find anyone who remembers him.

In a hope to round up someone who knows something, or just hear another Seomyeon John story, I'm sharing the complete 68 page graphic novel I made about him. If you know anyone who was here in the early aughts, please show this to them! I'd love to know what happened to my friend.

The Ha-Ha Hole: Busan's Comedy Open Mike!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012 - 21:30

Howdy folks!

Summer is rolling in on the peninsula, and what better way to prepare yourself for the Big Sweat than with THE HA-HA HOLE!

This month promises to be another rousing nights of laughs and drunkbaggery, so come on down and git yerself a seat while the gittin' is good!!

Hosted by Sam "head/neck same" Hazelton!!!

Sign-up is at 9:30 sharp! Get there on time as slots are limited!


THE HA-HA HOLE is an open mike. That's right: anyone can perform. The only catch is you gotta make 'em laugh.

*coming to you the FIRST FRIDAY of every month*

Margaret Cho’s ‘Cho Dependent’ DVD release + new ‘Baby I’m With the Band’ music video

KAs@Work: Comedian & ‘Momager’ Amy Anderson


It's been a while since I've done this - since I've blogged too late, after too many drinks.  The fact that it's not even midnight and I'm making such a claim speaks to the fact.  I used to type 3am drunken confessions regularly; I'd slither up to the keyboard and let loose full force the agonies or joys of my Korean life, but at one point I stopped.  Perhaps it was facebook,  or maybe the act of growing up, or more likely the fact that I managed to vent the steam of ten years worth of expat life within the span of three.    I blew my wad, though I look most happily upon those old raw, confessional posts, the ones that attracted any errant eyes to this rant-land in the first place.  They were the ones that folks often reacted most viscerally toward, and that always made me glad.  But this elation has now metastasized into a dull sadness, as such things can now only be viewed as souvenirs.

Suicide(s) in Vegas, a play by Evan Placey, World Premiere

Repeats every day until Sun May 01 2011 .
Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 21:00
MW Productions in association with Probationary Theatre Company presents

'Suicide(s) in Vegas'

A World Premiere one-act comedy by award-winning Canadian playwright Evan Placey

A random internet search connects two women who want to end it all, but not alone. Lydia’s an over-commercialized self-help guru. Jane’s a lonely tollbooth collector. But surviving (and dying) are tricky in this dark comedy about the fantastic awfulness that is – Vegas. By Evan Placey, winner of the Tarragon Theatre RBC National Playwriting Competition.

Listings Information:
Venue: White Box Theatre, Hyochang Park stn exit 2
Dates: April 28 – May 1
Times: Thursday @ 9:00pm
Friday @ 9:00pm
Saturday @ 6:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday @ 4:00pm

The Ha-Ha Hole: Korea's Funniest Comedy Open Mic

Friday, February 4, 2011 - 22:00

Can it be?  Is it possible?  Yes, it is that time of the mouth again!  

The Ha-Ha Hole opens wide and offers you some original stand-up comedy on Friday, February 4, 2011 at 10:00p.m.

This comedy open mic is open to any and all performers.  First timers encourage to come bust that cherry on the best looking comedy audience in South Korea.  Tell a funny story, read a funny poem, be self depreciating about that tattoo from spring break '03, you can even make fun of the other performers, but come!  Be funny!

Where?  Why, the same place as always: Soultrane in PNU.  Some call it Amtrak, some call it The Train, but you can find it just below Crossroads.

Word on the street, and believe you me, Leon Phelps was raised there and occasionally still sleeps there and he has been spreading the word that Friday show will be a special one.

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